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St. Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas

If you don’t usually decorate your house for St. Patrick’s Day, you are not alone. I’ve never done it before either! It’s not a holiday I have ever celebrated or taken notice of. I do remember getting pinched once or twice in my childhood years for forgetting to wear green on the big day. But that’s my only memory of St. Patrick’s Day. This year, however, I did something I have never done before and decorated my Christmas trees for St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t know what came over me, really. I’ll probably still forget to wear green on March 17th, but my trees will be ready!

I’m going to go ahead and admit right here that I might have a problem. I know I should just stop and put all of this stuff in the attic, but I keep imagining new concepts that I just have to try. So, I am going to try and do a Year ‘Round Christmas Tree. I’m already thinking of Easter and summer ideas, so get ready! Back to St. Patrick’s Day, though. Here is how I put these trees together.

Gather Your St. Patrick’s Day Decor

If you are like me and you have never done this before, this might be easier said than done. I did a little shopping at Michaels and picked up a couple of things and used my Christmas decor for the rest. From Michaels I got the little shamrock ornaments and the super cute felt ball garland. From my Christmas decor stash, I used my green and gold ornaments and magnolia leaves. I considered using my green and gold ribbon; but, even though the colors worked, I didn’t want it to feel too Christmasy. I also didn’t use the gold feathers or garland for the same reason.

Attach Your Ornaments

So, I always start with my largest ornaments first and I had less of the green ornaments than I had of the gold, so I started with large green ornaments. Once I had those spaced out, I went in and filled in with the gold ornaments starting with the larger ones and working my way down to the smallest. Once I was done with the ball type ornaments, I added the little shamrocks. I wanted those to be on the outside and visible because that is what makes this a St. Patrick’s Day tree, right?

Add Your Garland

Then, I added the super cute felt ball garland, by just wrapping it around the tree and stuffing it in between branches and ornaments in some spots. I snatched this garland up when I saw it at Michaels because it didn’t look like cheap plastic. It looks handmade and I didn’t hand make it! It brings in that lime green color that I don’t use at Christmas. Hopefully it adds a St. Patricks’s Day vibe to my trees.

Fill In Your Holes

I will admit I was a little torn on adding these magnolia leaves, but I had holes in the tree that needed to be filled. I wasn’t sure the color of green really worked with the other shades of green I had going on, but I threw caution to the wind and went with it. (I tend to over analyze. It’s my analysis paralysis!) You should fill in your holes if you can. Using some sort of greenery is a good idea, but you could use flowers or rainbows or little pots of gold – anything you can think of.

Finally, you can sit back and enjoy having something unique to look at in your house for the next month or so. The kids are loving the different trees so far and they are coming up with their own ideas for the next set up. This has been fun, I hope we can keep it going all year.

Join us! I’d love to see some of your Year ‘Round Christmas Tree ideas! Let me know in the comments if you have ever done a tree for a holiday other than Christmas. How did it go? Did you love having a tree in the house when it wasn’t Christmas? What holidays did you decorate for? Any St. Patrick’s Day trees out there?

The gold and white marbled ornaments you see are a super fun and easy DIY! Check out how you can make those here…Marbled Christmas Ornaments: Two Techniques To Try

Stay tuned to see more about that pom pom wreath on the left because that’s another fun and easy DIY I just completed!

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