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DIY Hammock Posts

When I think of hanging a hammock, I automatically think I need two trees that are the perfect distance apart. Well, we don’t have two trees the perfect distance apart in our backyard, but we love a good hammock. So, we decided to make the hammocks happen without the trees.

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This is a super easy DIY. Even if you have a small yard, you can pull this off. We chose to do three posts so we could hang three hammocks at one time, but you could do any number of posts depending on your space. If you just have the space for two posts, you can still get one hammock up.

Step 1: Place Your Posts

Before you start digging your holes, take a minute and figure out the best location. Measure how far apart you want your posts based on your hammocks. We placed ours about 15 feet apart in a triangle shape. We used 6inch x 6inch posts that were 8 feet long. We set our posts about 2 feet down into the ground with cement.

Once our posts were in the ground we sprayed them with stain to match our fence. Now, when we don’t have our hammocks hanging up, you can hardly tell they are there because they blend in to the background so well.

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Step 2: Place Your Hardware

After our posts were in the ground and stained, we added the hardware to attach the hammocks. We used large eye bolts, chains, and carabiner clips. The chains help adjust the height of the hammocks.

Step 3: Hang Your Hammock

Finally, hang your hammock up and relax. We started with a rope hammock and quickly upgraded to a woven hammock for the fall and winter months. We also have ENO hammocks that the kids love. With three posts and lots of hammock options, we can make any combination of hammocks we want.

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