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Cordless Bamboo Shades Really Update This Bedroom

I love how these light filtering cordless bamboo shades turned out in my sons room. They definitely update his room and function so much better than the old shutters we battled for years.

I bought these when we decided to update his bedroom. He had old plantation shutters on his windows. They opened and folded and took up lots of space into the room. I was wanting to replace them with some thing more modern that didn’t take up as much space in the room. I was wanting something that would make his room feel cozy, but open from the bottom to the top and not fold out into the room.

Cordless Bamboo Shades

Cordless Bamboo Shades in a Great color

I was also putting shelves on his wall to organize his Legos, so I wanted to coordinate the undertones of the shelves and the blinds. These shades went well with the shelves that I bought, complementing each other well. Check out how the shelves turned out at Floating Shelves For Legos.

Cordless Bamboo Shades

Light Filtering Was The Perfect Coverage

I chose light filtering shades for this bedroom instead of black out because his room is so dark. While he has lots of windows, he doesn’t get a lot of direct light. So, the light filtering shades were plenty of coverage for these windows. His bed is located directly under the window and he had no problem with light.

Cordless Bamboo Shades

Cordless Bamboo Shades Are So Easy to Use

Now, this is huge! It had been a while since I’ve bought shades or blinds and the old ones I was used to had a cord. You have to wrap the cord around a notch on the side of the window. I know this is a choking hazard and I certainly didn’t want that in a kid’s bedroom. I also knew I didn’t want something automatic or battery operated because I didn’t really trust that he wouldn’t break them. I have never had cordless shades before and I had no idea how easy they were to operate. These are the best solution!

Cordless Bamboo Shades

I wanted something that was easy for him to use and these blinds are definitely easy to use. They are cordless, so no string or long cord to worry about. You simply push up in the middle of the blinds to raise the blinds and pull down in the middle of the blinds to lower the blinds. So far these blinds have been in his room  for months and he has had no issues raising and lowering these blinds himself. They haven’t gone all wonky and work only on one side. They are still just as smooth as ever when you raise and lower them.

Before Picture of Boy Bedroom with Plantation shutters

This is what he had before I put in the cordless bamboo shades. Each set of shutters opened in the middle and folded in half and swung out in to the room. These just didn’t let us use all the space in the room.

So Easy to Install

These blinds were also easy to install. I was able to install them by myself with a little help from my son. Once I removed the old plantation shutters, I simply screwed in the brackets at the top of my window. Once the brackets were installed, I simply put the blinds on top of the brackets and screwed them in place. If you want to see exactly how I did this. I have a highlight saved on Instagram. I’m also working on a YouTube video coming shortly.

I highly recommend these blinds and I would use them in other places if I needed them. They were the perfect color and provided the perfect amount of coverage for this bedroom. They make his room feel cozy and aren’t clunky and junk up the space when they are open like the shutters did. They were also super easy to install, and so so easy to use!

See how easy these blinds are to raise and lower!

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