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Great Idea for Large Planters

Great Idea for Large Planters

Here is a great idea for large planters. When it comes to filling the bottom of your large planters, you want something on the bottom to allow the water to drain out so your roots don’t rot.  You might use rocks or pieces of broken pots, but those can be really heavy and you might not be able to move your planter once you add your dirt and plants.

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Instead, cut up old pool noodles and put them on the bottom before you add your dirt and plants.  Pool noodles are lightweight and easy to find.  They will allow your water to drain out and won’t weigh your planter down.  You might even be able to move it around after you have planted it.

Great Idea for Large Planters
Great Idea for Large Planters

If you like this idea, check out how to dry and spray paint gourds here. and how to spray paint your outdoor cushions here.  You might also be interested in this fun pumpkin painting idea that you can check out here.


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Great Idea for Large Planters


Yes, I still have the wagon wheel rim I rescued from the trash years ago, but sadly, my vine is no more. Since this post we have completely redone our backyard including the pool and flower beds. My Jasmine vine didn’t make it, but my wagon wheel rim found a terrific new home. To see how I combined it with my planter and gourds to make a focal point at the end of my deck, check out Large Planter Updated.

Large Planter Updated

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