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DIY Butterfly Picks

Sometimes you just can’t find exactly what you want when you want it. Am I right? So, when that happens, you just have to make what you want. That’s what I did with these butterfly picks.

Butterflies are super popular right now. I am seeing them everywhere from jewelry, to clothes, to home decor. These butterflies were easy to find and if you start looking, you’ll notice butterflies everywhere, too.

DIY Butterfly picks

Step 1: Buy Butterflies and Supplies

The first thing I did was buy these butterflies. I found them at a craft store, but I’ve linked up a bunch from Amazon for you. These butterflies came glued to a tiny little wire. I could have used this wire to simply wrap around a branch of my tree, but I wanted them to have a little movement to them and I wanted to control my placement, so I made them into picks. In order to make them into picks, I also used some floral picks and hot glue. This was super easy.

Step 2: Put Picks Together

Next, I simply wrapped the end of the wire that my butterfly was attached to around the end of the floral pick. Since, the wire still wasn’t secure, I added a drop of hot glue to secure the wire to the floral pick. I was that easy. Now I have my own DIY butterfly picks that I can add to my Mushroom and Butterfly Tree.

DIY Butterfly Picks

Step 3: Add Butterfly Picks To Tree

Finally, I was able to add these butterfly picks to my tree in very specific spaces. The pick went into the branches, but the butterfly are able to stick out from the tree because they are on the wire. I was able to fill in spaces that I wouldn’t have been able to fill if I hadn’t make these butterflies into picks.

Butterfly tree
butterfly tree
mushroom tree

If you want to see more of my Mushroom and Butterfly tree, check out how I made those DIY mushrooms at My Large DIY Mushrooms and read my full post at Mushroom and Butterfly Tree.

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