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My Large DIY Mushrooms

My Large DIY Mushrooms

When I started planning my spring tree, I knew I wanted to use butterflies; but, when I started shopping around for butterflies, I found some really cute mushrooms. So, I decided I wanted to include mushrooms as well. I loved the cute little moss mushrooms I had found, but the scale wasn’t quite right. I wanted something a little bit larger to make an impact in my tree and serve as my focal points.


Mushroom Materials

Luckily, I found this craft foam and to me at screamed mushrooms. I bought what was available which was 3 half balls plus one large cone. I carved the cone into three pieces and used those as my stems. The half balls were obviously my mushroom tops. I secured the tops to the stems with a floral stem that I later hot glued in place.

Craft Foam

After debating on whether to cover these new mushrooms in moss like the smaller ones I had found or to paint them fun colors, I ultimately decided to paint them. I saw this as an opportunity to add more pops of color into my tree. I also considered covering them in fabric which would have been fun, but I went with the supplies I had on hand.

Craft Foam Mushrooms

Painting The Mushrooms

My daughter and I started to paint with craft paint on this foam on the tops of our mushrooms and discovered that it was going to take entirely too much paint and it was very hard to spread paint on this craft foam. Next, we decided to try spray paint which worked a whole lot better. I just wanted to spray pain the tops of the mushroom and leave the stems white, so I removed the tops from the stem and just sprayed them. We painted all three tops of our mushrooms three different colors – purple, blue, and orange. We spray-painted both sides of our mushroom tops.

Painted Mushrooms

When the spray paint was dry, we went back with our craft paint and painted polk-a-dots on two of the mushrooms. We went with light pink dots on top of the orange mushroom, and then we used brighter pink dots on top of the purple mushroom top. We painted some detail and shading around the bottom edge of the blue mushroom with dark blue paint, and then a highlight with some light blue paint on the very top.

DIY Mushrooms

Once all of our paint was dry, I went back with a hot glue gun and secured the stems to the tops with the stick and hot glue. I used a little hot glue in the hole with the wooden stem and then around the edge of the foam stem to hold it all together. This was easy and has worked perfectly.

Blue DIY Mushroom

Attaching Mushroom to My Spring Tree

Finally, in order to attach them to the tree I used wire around the top of the stem and at the base of the mushroom. Then, I was able to attach them to the tree with that piece of wire. I placed them towards the front in a zig zag pattern.

Orange DIY Mushroom

I love how these mushrooms turned out. The scale was great and three mushrooms were perfect for my 6 1/2 foot tree. I was also happy that we painted these mushrooms because they definitely added a pop of color and pattern to my spring tree.

Purple DIY Mushroom

Mushroom Supply List

These mushrooms were super easy to make. All you need is craft foam – three half balls, and a cone – a little hot glue, a floral pack, and some paint.

3 Half Balls of Craft Foam – #10 Half Ball, 4.7 in. x 9.6 in.

1 Large Cone of Craft Foam – #24 Cone, 5.75 in. x 24 in.

Wood Plant Stakes

Spray Paint

Craft Paint

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DIY Mushroom Pin

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