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Easy Cinnamon Toast Recipe

Try this super easy cinnamon toast recipe the next time you have a craving for something sweet. My kids love this recipe and it literally takes no time. It has become a tradition for anytime they are out of school or if they have a competition that day. You can make this recipe by the tray and feed a family of four easily.

Easy Cinnamon Toast Recipe

Step 1: Butter Your Bread

I make this on a large sheet pan lined with foil for easy cleanup. First, I cover my entire sheet pan with slices of bread. I can usually get about 12 pieces of bread on my pan. Then, I soften a whole stick of butter in the microwave and that is what you will use to butter your bread. If you are using 12 pieces of bread, you will need a whole stick of butter.

Step 2: Sugar & Cinnamon

Once my bread is buttered, I sprinkle on sugar and cinnamon. No need to be fancy and measure anything out or mix the sugar and cinnamon together. I just cover the bread with a layer of sugar. Be generous. Then sprinkle the bread with cinnamon. Again, be generous with your sprinkling.

Step 3: Bake In The Oven

Now, your bread is ready to become toast. I put mine in the oven on about 350 degrees for about 10 to 15 minutes. When it is ready it will be warm and gooey. I would not broil it. The sugar and the cinnamon should just melt into the butter and the bread sort of like a cinnamon roll.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Easy Cinnamon Toast Recipe

Now you are ready to enjoy your easy cinnamon toast recipe! So delicious. I always make it for the kids, but end up eating a few pieces myself. This is something my mom used to make when I was a kid. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser.

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Easy Cinnamon Toast Recipe

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