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The Best of April

The Best of April

The grass has finally turned green and more importantly, I think the pollen has stopped falling and covering everything. Finally, I can breathe without sneezing! We were busy in April, but mostly I was bracing for May!

The best of April
Dinner at Blue Goose before The Bad Guys movie.
The best of April
Drew and I at The Secrets of Dumbledore at our Cinemark. Two large popcorns, please!

In April, the boys went on a Boy Scout camping trip and the girls went to multiple gymnastics competitions. We all traveled together for the first time in a long time to see my parents at Easter. We all saw The Bad Guys movie and Drew and I saw Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. I watched The Ultimatum, Selling Sunset, and Married At First Sight. And, we have fought the good fight against the pollen in the pool and on the patio.

The best of April
This actually isn’t as bad as it got!

My New Link Sharing Site

I also started building out my terrific new link sharing site on Benable.com. Check it out! I have every link posted and organized for you. Click this button below to check it out. I’m constantly updating it, so check it often if you want to know my suggestions and recommendations on anything from paint colors to Christmas trees to what I’m watching on TV. I love it. Benable is a tool to create shareable lists of things you recommend. You can skip the waitlist and sign up to create your own shareable lists using my invite code PEPF6 at http://www.benable.com. It’s such a useful tool.

This is what my site looks like. You can also click that screenshot to take you there. You can bookmark this site on your desktop and save it to your home screen on your phone. Then you can find anything I’ve talked about on the blog or Instagram. How cool is that?

Now, we are ready for all the business that happens in May. I’ll be sharing what I’m doing in May to get my house and myself ready for Summer, including my Summer Christmas tree. So, stay tuned.

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Shop These April Favorites

The best of April

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