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Best Academic Year Planner for Moms And Students

Best Academic Year Planner for Moms and Students

If you are a mom with school aged kids, then your life probably revolves around the school year, am I right? When are the kids out for the summer, spring break, holidays, etc.? When are all the tests and exams? When are all the sporting events? Well, I have been using an academic year planner for a few years, and I love it. Here is why I think I have the best academic year planner for moms and students alike.

best academic year planner for moms

I have posted about this planner before at Mom’s Favorite Planner For Your Most Organized Year Ever if you want to see exactly what’s inside the planner. I use the full size daily version with the academic year. I have used this planner for 6 or 7 years in a row. Yes, I’ve tried using electronic calendars, but I always need a paper planner. I just can’t do life without it.

When school starts next year, my daughter will be in high school! Yikes! I can hardly believe it! She really needs to work on her calendaring skills. So, if you watch my Instagram Stories, then you saw that I got her the mini weekly version of this academic year planner and put it in her Easter basket. I plan to help her put her life into this planner because her time is about to get even more precious.

best academic year planner for moms

If you want to check out the best academic year planner for moms and high school students alike, shop here. Don’t forget the code DDAFILIATE10 for 10% off!

If you want to see what else went into the Easter baskets, check out Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Older Kids.

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