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Floating Shelves for Legos

When I started thinking about helping my son’s room transition from little kid to bigger kid, the first thing I knew I needed was floating shelves. He had added to his collection of Star Wars Legos over the years and he his collection had no where to go. Having spent quite a bit of time putting together some these Legos myself, it was heartbreaking when one met with any sort of minor or major disaster as a result of being left on the floor.

Floating shelves

Some of these Legos were pretty deep themselves and wouldn’t fit on thin shelving. So, I knew I needed deep shelving for them to fit. After lots of shopping, I finally found these perfect ledge shelves. They were deep, long, and not very expensive.

Most of the shelves I found online were not deep enough for the Legos. I also wanted to have the ability to include books and other items on the shelves, so I was really wanting something substantial. And as always, I was not wanting to spend and arm and a leg.

Floating Shelves

I also wanted to change out his blinds for shades that would coordinate with the shelves. The shelves and blinds had similar undertones and ended up looking great together in the same room. Check out my other post on the blinds coming soon.

Cordless Blinds

Easy Installation

The shelves are easy to install. First, mark your studs in the wall. Next, line the mounting brackets on the wall so that majority of your screws go into studs. Once the mounting bracket is attached to the wall, you simply slide your shelf on the bracket. A few final screws into the bottom of the shelf to attach it to the mounting bracket and you’re done.

Installing Floating Ledge Shelves in my Son’s Room for his Star Wars Legos

These floating shelves were inexpensive and deep enough to hold all of the Star Wars Legos I needed them to hold They look great with the blinds that I chose and overall they made a huge improvement in this bedroom. 

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My Floating Ledge Shelves

Coordinating Blinds

Star Wars Legos

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Floating Shelves

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