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Cheap And Easy Large DIY Wall Art Ideas

Large DIY Wall Art Ideas

Do you have a large blank space on a wall to fill, but don’t want to spend the money on artwork? Well, you don’t have to spend a lot when you make it yourself. I always grab the largest cheapest canvases I can find, usually on sale at Michael’s. I have used all types of paint from acrylic paint with pouring mediums to sample house paint from my garage. I love making large wall art. It is so fun and the kids love it as well. Here are my very own easy large DIY wall art ideas that I have done over the years. All of these pieces are still hung and used in my house today.

Jackson Pollock Inspired

This might be one of our first pieces that my kids and I made together. We did this so long ago, there’s not even a blog post about it. I really wanted to do something that was Jackson Pollock inspired because I knew the kids would really love doing it. I did a little research into Jackson Pollock’s painting style and discovered he was a drip painter, not a splatter painter. He used different types of unconventional paint with a ton of layers. So, the kids and I used paint sticks and dripped paint all over this canvas. We used mostly house paint. The final layer of red paint was metallic paint that I used on a furniture redo.

Large DIY Wall Art Ideas

If you can’t draw or don’t have a design in mind, try drip painting. It’s not a messy as splatter painting and you can use any type of paint. Just put a drop cloth or cardboard down first, lay your canvas on top of that and get to dripping. Don’t forget the edges.

Paint Spreading Technique

Speaking of paint from your garage and kids, this was another fun and easy large DIY wall art idea that the kids and I did together. Again, we started with a giant canvas from Michael’s and covered it with paint I had sitting in the garage. On this piece I specifically used all the sample paint I had bought when I was trying to figure out what gray I wanted to paint my living room. Check out my blog post DIY ART WITH HOUSE PAINT to see exactly what we did here.

Large DIY Wall Art Ideas

Pendulum Painting

This idea was so fun to do! I ended up doing while my kids were at school, but I may have to repeat it with them because they would love this so much. Again, I took paint from my garage and turned it into artwork. This time I used two canvases. I started with a couple of coats of black chalk paint on my canvases and then…. well, you are going to have to read DIY Pendulum Painting Wall Art to find out the details of this one.

Large DIY Wall Art Ideas

Acrylic Skin Artwork

For these large DIY wall art pieces, we used acrylic paint and not paint from the garage. So, this is a longer process and also an indoor project. We paired our acrylic paints with paint pouring mediums and then allowed them to dry to create acrylic skins. Once the acrylic skins were dry, we put them together on a painted canvas to create our works of art. Check out Easy DIY Wall Art Idea: How To Make Acrylic Skin Artwork for all the details.

Paint Pouring: My Favorite Easy Large DIY Wall Art Idea

Paint pouring was super popular back when we did these paintings. There was a ton of information and videos on Pinterest, YouTube, etc. I had to do it! Check out How to do an Acrylic Pouring or Paint Pouring to see what our ingredients were. We loved this project so much, we also did it to pumpkins. You can see that project in Fun Pumpkin Painting Idea: Acrylic Paint Pouring. It is so fun. This one might deserve a repeat as well!

Acrylic Paint Pouring

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