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How To Clean An Area Rug With A Water Hose

Are you spring cleaning right now or just thinking about it? Me? I’m just thinking about it, but when I get around to doing it, I’ll clean my area rug with a water hose in my driveway. Yep. No need to call a professional on this one.

I have a very large sisal area rug in my living room. In the past I have called professionals out to clean it. When the last professional laid it out in my driveway and cleaned it, I obviously thought, “Geeze, I could have done that.” So, that’s what I do now.

clean an area rug

Step 1: Take Rug Outside

This might be the hardest part, but I push back the furniture, roll up the rug, and drag it outside. The last few times I have placed it in the driveway. Before that, I used to put it on top of some iron chairs on the pool deck. That was pretty nice because I could spray the back side of the rug from underneath. It also seemed to dry faster because the air could circulate better. The driveway works just as well, so that it where I have been putting it.

Step 2: Rinse

After I have the rug laid out flat on the driveway, I start by giving it a good rinse with my water hose. Most of the time I have spot cleaned it and I can rinse out any of the cleaner that was left behind. I just give it a really good spraying with my water hose nozle set to jet.

Step 3: Soap

When I posted this to Instagram, most people asked about the soap I was using. I just use dishwashing soap. It’s usually Dawn dish soap, but I have used others. I will usually use most of a large bottle. I just squirt it directly on to the rug. After you have squirted it on there, you could use a large broom to give it a scrub. You could also let it sit for a while.

Step 4: Rinse

Next, I rinse all the soap off of the rug. This takes several passes to get all the soap out of the rug. The last time I did this, I spent about 20 to 30 minutes on the whole process and the majority of the time was on the final rinse.

Step 5: Dry

Finally, I just leave my rug in the driveway to dry. If you have something you can set it on to let air get underneath it as well, that would probably speed up the dry time. My rug is sisal and dries in about four hours on a cloudy day. It dries much faster in the sun. So, if you are going to clean an area rug with a water hose, look for a bright and sunny day to cut down on your dry time.

This is really the easiest cleaning hack. I will never again pay a professional rug cleaner.

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