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Unique Wall Art: How to Hang a Bed on a Wall

How to Hang a Bed on a Wall

If you are searching for something to hang on your wall other than art work, why not hang a bed on a wall?  Here I used an antique iron bed that I bought years ago.  It’s unexpected and definitely makes a statement.  All you will need is one antique iron bed, four hooks, and some Rub-n-Buff.

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How to Hang a Bed on a Wall



Make your hooks match the patina of the bed.  Since the hooks we bought were shiny and silver, I used Rub-n-Buff to make them blend in with the patina already on the iron.  I used a combination of Patina, Finished Copper, and Antique White to achieve the look you see below.

How to Hang a Bed on the Wall
How To Hang a Bed on a Wall


Hold the bed up to the wall and make sure the bed will be flat on the wall, or at least flat enough.  Once you have decided where you are going to hang it, mark where your hooks will go with a pencil on the wall.  This bed only required four small hooks that we attached to the wall by inserting the molly bolts into the sheet rock and then screwing the hooks into the molly bolts.  If you happen to be on a stud, even better, you won’t need that molly bolt.  I do recommend trying to place at least one hook on a stud.


Hang your bed on the hooks.  It’s sturdy and looks great.


This bed is a great place to add seasonal decorations.  I add spiders and cobwebs for Halloween decorations and hang my pet stockings on it at Christmas.

How to Hang a Bed on a Wall
How to Hang a Bed on a Wall
How to Hang a Bed on a Wall

Many years ago I found this antique bed at a consignment shop, bought it and brought it home to use as my guest bed for several years.  When I no longer needed it as a guest bed, it sat in the corner in my living room for a few more years.  Even though I no longer needed it for it’s intended purpose, I couldn’t get rid of it.  I always thought it had potential to be more than just a bed.

So, if you have something unusual, hang it on the wall.  It will look great!

See how I painted the cabinet in the entryway here and see more Christmas decorations here.  Also, here is another Rub-N-Buff project right here. 

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Bed on a Wall

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