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Reinvented TV Cabinet: How to Paint Laminate with Metallic Paint

Do you have an old piece of junk furniture you keep thinking you need to get rid of?  Why not paint it and use it in a totally different way?  Here is how to take an old laminate TV cabinet and turn it into an entryway show stopper with Modern Masters Metallic Paint.

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  1. Find an old piece of furniture you want to reinvent. 


    My dinning room one house and many years ago.  See that credenza on the wall?

  2. Sand your piece before you paint.  I used a pretty fine grit and probably should have sanded more than I did.  I just used one of those sanding blocks you get at Home Depot.  You just want to rough up the surface so the primer will have something to stick to.  You don’t want to make it super smooth.
  3. Clean your piece before you prime it.  After you have sanded your piece, you will have created dust and it’s important to clean that off.  I used Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner.  I would just make sure you aren’t leaving your piece greasy.
  4. Prime your piece with appropriate primer.  I did a lot of research as to whether I would have to use oil based primer and paint since it was a laminate piece, but I ultimately used water based paint.  I used a paint brush to brush on two coats of the latex primer you see here.  I used a roller briefly on another project and was not happy with the texture.  I found that I could make a brush look smoother.
  5. Choose your paint.  This is the hardest and best part.  I love these Modern Masters Metallic Paints and I was excited to use them.  I used Black Pearl (Semi-Opaque) as my base with a wash of Steel Gray (Semi-Opaque) on top.  I also used Olympic Gold (Opaque) for accents.  After several days of dry time, I added two coats of the interior water-based polyurethane gloss you see here.DSC_9327.jpg
  6. Paint your piece.  If you use these paints, pay attention to what you are buying as far as whether you are getting semi-opaque or opaque.  I wish I had bought the Black Pearl color in opaque instead of semi-opaque.  It took several coats for me to get a solid looking color which would have been so much easier with opaque paint.  The semi-opaque paint was perfect to just feather lightly to give some shimmery depth to the piece.  Definitely allow for dry time between each coat.  A few hours before you are ready to paint, turn your paint upside down to allow all the pigments to mix themselves in.  When you turn your paint right-side up, you will be ready to paint.


  7. Use smooth strokes.  I found it easier to use a smaller angled brush because it fit in my hand better than a larger brush and my wrist didn’t get as tired.  Use the brush that is most comfortable.  I also found it easier to control my brush strokes and make them smoother with a soft bristle.  I used a 2 inch Purdy Nylon Soft brush for latex paints for the bulk of the painting.
  8. Paint your details.  I used a much smaller brush that I had in an art set when I did the detail work with the gold paint.  I painted the legs and the border around the top and the bottom.  I ultimately decided I didn’t like the gold knobs and painted them gray so they would not stand out.
  9. Seal it all up with polyurethane.  Once you have allowed all of your layers of paint to thoroughly dry, add a couple of coats of polyurethane.  Load your brush with plenty of poly and use one smooth brush stroke all the way from one side to the other in one smooth motion.  This will make your paint job a lot sturdier.  Modern Masters does have it’s own top coat that included below, but I already had a can of polyurethane, so I used that.  It just ads a layer of protection for your paint.


As far as paint projects go, this one was fun.  I love metallic paint.  If I am going to spend the time and energy on painting something, I want it to have a little personality when I’m done.  I definitely think this piece has personality.  Do you have a piece of furniture that needs some personality?  Try Modern Masters Metallic Paint.

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Paint Laminate with Metallic Paint Pin


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    Evelyn Lunday
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    This is so cool.

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      Mom Can Do Anything
      September 6, 2017 at 6:08 pm

      Thank you. It was lots of fun.

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