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Paint It Black

Black paint is trending right now. All you have to do is take a look on Instagram or Pinterest and you will see a ton of black paint on the interior and exterior of your favorite homes. I am going to show you 5 places you can use black paint in your home. Yes, you will have to be brave, but the pay off is so worth it!

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Black Walls

The first place everyone thinks about painting are the walls, which is a great place to start! You might think to yourself that dark walls will make your room darker, but the key is to do this in a room that gets lots of natural light. You can also balance out the dark walls with a white ceiling. I love the contrast with dark walls and white ceilings. It’s so crisp.

Here is my dining room that I painted with Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams a few years ago. If you want to see the details of this DIY, check out My Dining Room Makeover With Dark Wall Paint. I am still loving these walls. No regrets!

Black Paint in Dining room
Black Paint in Dining Room

Black Ceiling

Did you read that correctly? The ceiling? Yes, that is correct. You can paint your ceiling black if you can talk your painter into doing it. Ha ha. I had to tell mine that I was committed to my choice; and, I was. It still looks amazing! I painted the ceiling in my living room also with Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams. Does it make the ceiling feel low? No, it does not. It is a fourteen foot ceiling, though.

Black Paint on Ceiling
Black Paint on Ceiling
Black Ceiling
Black Ceiling

Black Trim

Trim is supposed to be white, right? I had an interior designer tell me that I needed to paint every piece of trim in my house Decorator’s White for about $1,000,000. Okay, so it wasn’t that much, but it might as well have been. What a waste of money! I mean my trim was already white! Anyway, my point is that most people seem to be okay breaking the rules until it comes to the trim! I understand. It’s not as easy to paint over as a wall would be. But, it’s okay to take a risk when it comes to trim!

Here is my master bedroom with a tray ceiling and three levels of trim. I didn’t want to just paint the whole thing white, so I took a bit of a risk and went with black for the trim. This is actually Rustoleum chalk paint. I’m still in love with this ceiling. I also painted the fireplace mantel with the same paint.

Black Paint on Trim
Black Trim on Tray Ceiling

On Cabinets

Speaking of chalk paint, here’s another place you can use it – on bathroom cabinets. I painted the cabinets in my guest bathroom with the same Rustoleum chalk paint that I used in the master bedroom. This paint adhered to the cabinets and is holding up very well. If you want to see the details of this DIY, you can check out Bathroom Ideas: Chalk Paint & Fun.

Chalk Paint bathroom cabinets
chalk paint on bathroom cabinets

On Furniture

Furniture is an easy one, really. Most people would agree that painting or buying a black piece of furniture makes sense. This is another way or opportunity to punctuate your home. Here is my guest bedroom with black furniture against a black and white wallpaper. It definitely punctuates the space. I recently did a little room refresh in here and if you want to see those details, check out Guest Bedroom Refresh.

Black and white bedroom
black and white bedroom

Here is a cabinet that I painted with metallic charcoal paint and it can go anywhere in my house. If you can’t commit to a whole room or wall or trim, try a small piece of furniture and see how you like it. To see the details of this DIY, check out Reinvented TV Cabinet: How to Paint Laminate Furniture with Metallic Paint.

Black Metallic Paint
Entryway credenza

Black paint is truly timeless and classic. I love it paired with white, gray, even brown. Some other places in homes I am seeing black paint is in the kitchen on cabinets, doors, windows, stairwells. It really makes me want to go paint more things in my house black. If you want to see more black paint ideas and inspirations, check out my Pinterest board, Black Paint Inspirations.

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