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Star of the Week Poster Formula Featuring Darth Vader

If you have ever had a child in kindergarten, then you may have heard of a little project known as Star of the Week Poster or Student of the Week Poster or even Star Student Poster.  Well, whatever you call it, it’s a big job and a lot of fun.

I have completed three Star Student Posters and this one is surely my last.  I did one for my daughter when she was in kindergarten and another for my son when he was in TK, transitional kindergarten.  I was hoping to add a picture or two and reuse the TK Star of the Week Poster in kindergarten, but no luck.  My son’s interests have changed and he no longer wanted to be featured on his poster as Captain America.  Now he is all grown up and prefers to think of himself as Darth Vader.  So, a new poster is what he needed.

By my third poster, I have it down to a formula.  It really wasn’t that difficult to put this poster together with my formula.

  1. Pick a theme. This theme was Star Wars and Darth Vader, of course.
  2. Photoshoot.  I have mentioned before that most of my projects usually start with a photoshoot.  You can see this Darth Vader photoshoot and how I edited my pictures to get a smooth black background here. 
  3. Select your birthday photos.  I suppose they don’t  have to be birthday photos, but I have a photo of him blowing out a candle at each birthday.  I use one square picture for each year and I use one picture from his birth for the zero number.  Each of these photos get a number sticker in the corner and then they are fanned out at the top of the poster.
  4. Select your family photos.  I use three family photos.  One photo of our immediate family, a photo of my husband’s family, and a photo of my family.
  5. Select a large themed photo.  This poster features a large photo of my son doing his best darth vader impersonation.
  6. Have photos printed.  I always give myself a little lead time to get this done.  I do not want to wind up printing photos at home or at Walgreens.  Luckily, I did give myself some time this year because I went to my favorite one hour professional looking photo spot and they were not there anymore.  So, I ordered from my online lab.
  7. Gather your supplies.  Obviously you’ll need a poster board.  I recommend at least two poster boards.  I added about 6 1/2 inches of poster board to the bottom of this one.  I bought pretty letters and paper to use as frames for my photos.  I used a ton of glue dots, but for the photos I used Scotch picture tabs.
  8. Lay it all out.  I layed everything out before I secured anything.  I had to decide between a few different pictures based on how much room I had and how everything fit together.
  9. Secure it well.  After I was sure of where everything would go, I glue dotted it all down.  I went back and added extra glue dots to make sure everything was secure when I picked it up.  My kid has to carry this thing to his class and I didn’t want half of it falling off in the hall.
  10. Add lettering to the pictures.  I always get small glitter letters and use them on the actual pictures to label the picture.  It’s best to wait to do this until you have everything layed out.
  11. Add embellishments.  I added stars to this one.

That’s it.  That’s my formula for a great looking Star of the Week Poster.  You can see my other posters here.

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