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Black Crown Molding in Master Bedroom

What are you thinking?  Black crown molding?  That’s what most people would say if I told them I just painted my crown molding in my master bedroom black.  Well, it’s pretty much black.  Technically, it’s charcoal, but it sure looks black most of the time.  It’s only when the light hits it at certain times of the day that it looks charcoal.

Why did you paint your crown molding black, you ask?  Let me walk you through my thought process and show you my before pics.

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Here’s what I had been living with for seven years.


This was my bedroom.  Everything in it was the same color.  The ceiling, the walls, the floor, the fireplace mantel, the fireplace tile, the fan – it was all brown.  I’m sure you can relate because when you move in to a house, you get busy putting the rest of the house together and the master bedroom is the very last room you get to.  You do your kids’ rooms, the living rooms, the dinning room, or whatever, but you don’t do anything to the master until everything else in the house is in place.  Well, it only took me seven years to get to the master.

While I was dreaming of a new bedroom, I decided to try out some paint colors.  I just painted them right on the wall, and then I didn’t do anything about it for months.  So, I lived with paint on my walls.

I love a contrast, so I obviously considered a dark color for my walls.  I already have a black dinning room (check that out here) and I didn’t think my bedroom had enough natural light to pull it off.  That’s why I decided to paint the crown molding black.  I really wanted to keep the walls light and bright, but I really wanted a contrast.  I din’t want to redo everything and end up back in the same spot – boring.

I had recently finished a little redo in the bathroom across the hall.  You can see that here. I used the same paint on the cabinets in this bathroom that I used on the crown molding molding.  I also painted the fireplace the same color.

Drum roll.  Here’s the paint I used.  Rust-oleum Chalked in Charcoal.


Yep.  Chalk paint.  On my crown molding.  That’s what I did.  I certainly had to talk my painter into this one.  After he primed, he did two coats of the charcoal and one coat of the topcoat.  He sure did.

I got my contrast.  Check it out.  What do you think?  Are you brave enough to try it?


In addition to painting the crown molding, I scraped the brown popcorn off of the ceiling, added orange peel texture, and painted a ceiling white.  It was a huge transformation for this room.

Go ahead and try it – paint your crown molding a dark color.

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That’s it.  That’s all you need to create this look for yourself.

Check out how we also got rid of the carpet and painted the concrete floors here.


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