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Summer Christmas Tree Inspiration: Lemons

Summer Christmas Tree Lemons

Yes, you can have a summer Christmas tree if you want one. I mean, who’s going to stop you? It’s your house, right?

Well, I did a couple of trees last summer and this year, I did it again. Check out last year’s lemon tree that I put together in the spring in Lemon Tree Spring Decor.

My spring lemon tree
Last spring I did a small lemon tree.

This year I had a different spring tree that you can check out in Spring & Easter Tree. So, I did lemons for the summer this year. I used the same lemons, but a different tree and a whole different design this year. Check out my mood board below.

This year I used my 6 foot flocked tree instead of my small pedestal tree. Yes, it was flocked. How can you possibly use a flocked tree in the summer? Well, you have to add lots of greenery. So, that’s what I did. I added multiple different kinds of eucalyptus mostly.

Since I was using so many stems, I employed the use of my grapevine garland to help give those stems something to hold on to. That’s a trick a like to use. When you cut it into manageable pieces you can place it going around the tree. This really helps give the tree a little more structure.

I am not quite finished with my tree, but I wanted to show you my mood board and design idea. So, stay tuned to see my finished Summer Christmas Tree featuring my lemon theme.

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Now, in case you haven’t noticed, lemon decor is hot right now! So, I put together some other fabulous lemon decor you might like as well.

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