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Lemon Decor Summer Christmas Tree

If you have been following along on Instagram, then you have seen me put together my summer Christmas tree for the past two weeks. Well, now you know that it’s lemons! Yes, I did a small lemon tree last spring that you can check out in Lemon Tree Spring Decor. So, I reused my lemon theme this year in a whole new way. Here’s how to pull together a lemon decor summer Christmas Tree.

Lemon Decor Summer Christmas Tree

Use What You Have First

When you are putting together a Christmas tree, a summer tree, a spring tree, a whatever tree, always use what you have first! Before you go out and buy everything from scratch, start with what you already have. I keep up with all of my seasonal decor items in an app. You can check out that trick in How To Organize Your Christmas Decor With An App. It really does make it so easy to see what I have even when everything is in storage containers in the attic.

This year I used the lemons that I had bought last year. I also used my white magnolias, my white hydrangeas, and other items from my existing collection. I use the white magnolias and hydrangeas all the time. White is an easy color to work with.

Lemon Decor Summer Christmas Tree

Buy Things For More Than One Season

Secondly, if you are going to buy new items, make them items you can use for more than one season. This year I wanted to use my flocked tree, but I wanted it to look green for the summer. I need a ton of greenery. Since I needed so much, I wanted to get the least expensive greenery I could find. So, I managed to put together the following collection of greenery at Michaels’ and it wasn’t too expensive. I can certainly use this greenery for other seasons in my Christmas tree or in a wreath or in an arrangement in a vase. It’s extremely useful.

Lemon Decor Summer Christmas Tree

I also bought the yellow forsythia branches. Again, I can definitely reuse them in other arrangements. I just loved how the yellow color went with the lemons.

Grab Some Grapevine Garland For Your Lemon Decor Christmas Tree

I find myself using more and more stems and picks on seasonal trees and less ornaments. When I put together a tree like this, I like to add grapevine garland going around the tree at different angles. This gives the tree a little more structure and gives your stems and picks a place to rest inside the tree. It really helps pull the tree together.

Lemon Decor Summer Christmas Tree

I like to cut mine into smaller manageable pieces and place it in the tree going different directions. I don’t try to bury it or hide it in the tree. I like it to peek out from time to time. I ordered mine online and I used three rolls on this tree.

Just Go With The Flow

If I’m totally honest, I did this tree all wrong. I did it in an order that I would not normally do. You see, I wanted to make some Instagram Reels, so I had do things for The Gram! I put in all my greenery first and then decided I should have used the grapevine garland. Then I had to order it online and wait for it to come in. Normally, I would have put that on before the greenery. So, I ended up putting it on after the greenery.

Then, I put the ribbon on at the very end. This worked out fine, but it’s not what I would have normally done. Also, I had no idea what this would look like in the end. I had some idea, but I sort of designed as I went and that’s okay! The whole point is to have fun, right? I mean, it’s a Summer Christmas tree!

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