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4th of July Tree

Yay! Summer is here and so is my 4th of July tree! I just finished taking down my spring lemon tree and putting up my summer 4th of July tree and I am loving the change. The red, white, and blue add such a pop to my entryway. Here’s how you can create your own 4th of July tree at your house.

Gather Supplies

First, gather your supplies. You will obviously need some sort of tree, Christmas or otherwise. I committed to keeping up a small Christmas tree all year this year and I just keep redecorating the same one. It’s small enough to sit on a table in my entryway. Second, you will need something to put in the tree. For this tree, I used flowers in red, white, and blue along with greenery, ribbon, wooden stars, flags and ornaments I found at Michael’s.

Patriotic decor

Prepare Your Tree

I also have lights already on the tree. However, if you area starting from scratch, you will want to add lights first. Second, depending on your tree, you might want to add something to act as a frame in your tree such as grapevine garland. I used this grapevine garland in my past two trees and it just acts as a place for your floral pieces to lay. It really helps hold your pieces where you want them. I highly recommend trying it.

Grapevine Garland

Assemble Your Tree

Start with your largest pieces. On this tree it was the white hydrangeas. Space them out evenly around your tree. Next fill in with your other floral pieces. I filled in with smaller white, blue and red flowers.

Once your flowers are in the tree, fill in gaps with greenery. I used magnolia leaves and eucalyptus. Then, space out your ornaments. I added these 4th of July bombs that I found at Michael’s. They are so cute and perfect for this tree. Maybe I’m not the only one putting together a 4th of July tree.

4th of July Tree

Now, that most of your items are in your tree, it’s time to make a decision about how you are going to use your ribbon. I decided on bow picks on the body of the tree and two large loopy bows at the top of the tree. Honestly, this tree looked great without the ribbon, but I did have a few holes that I wanted to fill. So, I added the ribbon.

4th of July Tree

Lastly, add some flags. These were pretty inexpensive and again, I found them at Michael’s. I added 6 flags in the top of the tree and three flags to my arrangement of hydrangeas I placed on the table beside the tree. Finally, accessorize your area around your tree. I switched out my paintings and my chair to better coordinate with my red, white, and blue color scheme.

4th of July Tree
4th of July Tree
4th of July Tree
4th of July Tree
4th of July Tree
Patriotic Tree

There you have it. This is a fun and easy way to decorate for the 4th of July. If you liked this idea, check out my other Christmas tree ideas.

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