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Valentine Decor Ideas

Decorating for Valentine’s Day is a great way to keep some light and color in your home after you’ve taken down your Christmas deocr. While you are taking your Christmas decor down is the time to be thinking about what you can use from that stash of decor for Valentine’s day. Here are some easy Valentine decor ideas and looks that I created this year with lots of my Christmas decor paired with a few strategic hearts.

Valentine Decor Tablescape

For me, the dining room is an easy place to decorate. No on goes in there but me and I’m just decorating down the center of the table. I’m not doing sit down dinners by any means! So, when I say tablescape, I mean a simple runner down the middle of the table with Valentine decor.

If you have been following me on Instagram then you might recognize some of this decor. Yes, this is Christmas decor. You wouldn’t know it though when I pair it with this beautiful pink ribbon and pink heart vase filler. The Christmas decor includes the owls that I have paired as “love birds” and the white hydrangreas that I’ve paired with heart vase filler and pink teacup roses. I’ve also laid out some silver wire hearts which are actually Christmas ornaments I’ve had for years. I thought this Valentine decor tablescape was easy and perfect for the holiday.

valentine decor tablescape
valentine decor tablescape
valentine decor

Create A Simple Valentine Mantel

Another easy spot to add some seasonal decor is a mantel. This mantel also happens to be red, so that works well for Valentine’s Day! Here, I have also recycled some Christmas decor – my branches and more owls. I simply added two of the branches I used in my Owl Be Home For Christmas Tree (coming to the blog soon, but can be seen on Instagram), filled in with some flamelss candles and flanked the branches with my large owl and another small owl in a nest. Just by hanging some little heart ornaments on the branches, I made this mantel a Valentine mantel.

valentine mantel idea
red heart ornaments
mantel design

Create a Simple Valentine Tree

Lastly, you can certainly leave a Christmas tree up and decorate it for Valentine’s Day and that is such a conversation starter. It really keeps lights and color in your space. This year I went with all red and a little accent of gold, but anything goes really. The year before I used lots of white and pink. I like to use my Christmas decor and add in some hearts to create a Valentine theme. You can see this year’s tree in Red Hearts for Valentine Tree 2023 and you can see last year’s tree at Valentine’s Day Tree.

Valentine Decor Tree

It really doesn’t take much to decorate a few places in your home for Valentine’s day. Just adding some hearts in red or pink or any color just adds some color to your decor. Whether you go all out and do a Valentine tree or not, you can decorate for Valentine’s day easily with these tips.

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