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Star of the Week Poster Ideas

If you have a small child in kindergarten or so, chances are you might be faced with the task of making him or her a Star of the Week Poster.  Hopefully you will get some lead time on this task, because it can be a challenge.  So far I’ve had to make two Star of the Week Posters, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to do it again once school starts.  What a huge task – to put your kid’s entire little life on a poster.

If it’s not Star of the Week, it might be Student of the Week or Star Student or Star of the Week.  There are tons of images of these posters online, but here is a little formula for a great poster, no matter what it’s called.

  • Be sure a pick a theme that your child loves or chooses like Frozen or Super Heroes.
  • Put together a color scheme based on your theme.  You can make a trip to Michael’s or the nearest craft supply store to pick out pretty coordinating paper and letter stickers, but you can pull it off with construction paper you have stuffed in a drawer as well.
  • Gather your photos.  This is harder and harder these days since most of our photos are electronic and not already printed out waiting to be glued to a poster.  I regularly import my photo to Lightroom, so I simply create a collection and gather the photos.  Then, have your photos printed at your favorite printer.
    • One newborn photo and a photo from each birthday the child has had.
    • One family photo of the child’s immediate family
    • One family photo of the child’s father’s family
    • One family photo of the child’s mother’s family
    • Photos of the child with siblings
    • Photos of the child in his or her favorite places or on vacations they really loved
    • Photos of the child doing things they enjoy like playing sports or playing on the playground
    • Photos of pets
  • Lay out your photos on your poster board and design your layout before gluing.  You want to have your child’s name prominently displayed.
  • Label your photos with small letter stickers.  You can put small letter stickers right on the photo.
  • Make sure you have the right adhesive.  I love rubber cement and glue dots.  Rubber cement is better than glue because it doesn’t wrinkle your photos or paper as it dries.  Glue dots are one of the best inventions of modern times, but be sure you have plenty on hand.  You don’t want this masterpiece falling apart as your child carries it to class.

If you don’t have room for your child’s name, you can design an off the poster solution.  With the Frozen poster, I printed images from online onto regular printer paper and glued it onto poster board, cut them out and attached them to the top of the poster along with an arch to hold her name.  For both posters, I printed the birthday photos in a smaller size, backed them with some pretty paper and displayed them together at the top.  The rest of the posters have family photos, our pets at the time, siblings on the beach, and favorite activities at the time – swinging, swimming, doing the monkey bars, pretending to be a Power Ranger.  I labeled most of the photos with small letter stickers and filled in the blank spaces with stickers.

These posters are big assignments, but my kids had fun helping me choose their theme and photos.  I had a little more lead time on the first poster than the second, but luckily I had my formula and I knew exactly what I was doing when I did the second one.  If you get tasked with a Star of the Week poster, you’ll know just what to do.

If you are interested in the photography equipment I used to take these photos, you can check it out here.  You can also see how I took the family portraits you see and how you can take your own  here.

My most recent Star of the Week poster featuring Darth Vader is here.



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