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Backyard Wood Fence Upgrade

Our fence was starting to show it’s age, so here is how we upgraded our backyard wood fence. We have a lot of fence surrounding our backyard and every 10 feet or so we have a brick column. Our fence was leaning, we had rotten boards, and the stain color was ugly and coming off. We needed an upgrade.


Before we did anything with our fence, we considered many options. One option was, of course, to replace the wood sections of the fence. Well, that was extremely expensive and we thought there was still life left in her, so we decided we would try and upgrade without replacing.

Here is the fence before. The outside perimeter still had stain.

old stain
wood fence old stain

The inside perimeter had been pressure washed off.

wood fence before

Step 1: Straighten Fence

The first thing we did was straighten the fence. And let me just admit this – when I say we, I mean the company we hired. This was not a DIY. So, they straightened the fence by digging out the concrete around the metal posts, straightening the panel and then pouring more concrete behind the metal post to hold it up.

Step 2: Replace & Add Boards

We replaced any boards that were just rotten or warped or didn’t look that great. We also added some boards to make the trim at the top cohesive along the entire fence line. Since the bottom part of the fence was looking a little worn and rotten, we also added a wide rot board to the bottom on the outside of the fence.

Step 3: Stain or Paint the Wood Fence

Finally, we stained both the inside and the outside perimeters of the fence. We used Behr in Padre Brown from Home Depot. This darker color was more like paint than stain, so it covered up the ugly terra cotta color that was already on the wood. Also, I thought it would be a nice color with the brick columns.

We weren’t sure whether to paint the metal poles on the back perimeter, but we decided to do it.

wood fence with half stained

After Wood Fence Upgrade

Here is what the fence looked like immediately after staining. In fact, the stain is still drying in these pictures.

wood fence with new stain
wood fence with new stain

If your fence is aging, I would certainly recommend looking at options to upgrade before you tear it down and start over. I am hopeful that this fence will last for many more years.

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