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Hanging Outdoor Lights The Easy Way

Outdoor lights must be a thing that most men love, like grilling or football. My husband, my dad, my friend’s husbands, they all put up outdoor lights. I almost feel like I should start a new blog – Dad Can Do Anything – for this post; however, that’s just too much trouble. So, here goes my best explanation of how to hang outdoor lights the easy way.

outdoor lights

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Tip 1: Plan It Out

Before you start hanging lights, it’s a good idea to plan out where you want them to go. Think about where you will plug them in and what you will attach them to. We have a light fixture on the corner of the house and that is where the sting lights are plugged in. Then, we also have a strand that runs along the side of the house, and another strand that runs from the same corner of the house over to the tree and then across the fire pit area to the fence. The final strand runs from the opposite side of the house over the pool and back to the light fixture to be plugged in.

Tip 2: Use a Light Hanging Kit

The first thing my husband did to make this job easy, was he bought a string light hanging kit from Amazon. This kit had everything he needed to securely attach the lights to the house, fence, and tree. He is confident that the system is sturdy and secure enough to use over the top of our swimming pool.

Here is the kit he used. Check out this SMART RSQ The Complete String Lights Hanging Kit with 170ft Coated Stainless Steel Cable.

outdoor light hanging kit

Tip 3: Use Outdoor Lights with Plastic Bulbs

The first strands of lights we had were glass bulbs. These will break if the wind blows. What a pain. However, you can get great outdoor string lights with plastic bulbs that are much less likely to break in the wind. These are the ones we have. Check out these Outdoor Linkable 48ft LED Heavy-Duty String Lights.

outdoor lights

These outdoor string lights definitely add to the ambiance in the backyard, and they function as safety lighting as well. The strand we have that goes all the way around the side of the house to the back of the house lights up a very dark part of our yard and hopefully deters intruders. It was an easy way to get light in this area without adding an actual light fixture to the side of the house.

This really is an easy DIY that you can pull off and it’s even easier if you have a kit! Right? Did you know there were kits for that?

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outdoor lights

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