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Large Planter Updated

I have a large barrel planter at the end of the pool that is somewhat of a focal point. It was actually the subject of one of my very first blog posts. Check out Great Idea for Large Planters to see what I put inside this planter. Well, a lot has changed in my backyard since that blog post. So, I thought it was about time to update my large planter as well.

I started with my wagon wheel rim. To hear this story behind my wagon wheel rim, read Garden Art Idea From Trash. You see, I have my planter sitting on flagstone just at the end of the deck. I have it on the stones so I don’t have to have it taking up space directly on the deck. Plus, as I mentioned, I have the wagon wheel rim and I wanted to position it so that it looks like it is circling the planter. I did this by digging out a space in the dirt and then placing the flagstone rocks on top. I have a reel and a highlight on Instagram that shows you exactly how I managed this. Be sure to follow me on Instagram while you are there.

Next, I updated my gourds. I have had these dried out gourds for several years and before I redid my pool and everything else in my back yard, they were painted green. Well, I updated them to white to accent my pool tile. To see all about these gourds, read How to Dry Out Gourds and Keep Them For Decorations. To see exactly how I updated these guys with some white spray paint, check out my reel on Instagram and be sure to follow me if you haven’t already. I am having a lot of fun making reels on Instagram and I’ll have more reels coming soon.

Finally, I put it all together by adding more plants around the large planter and incorporating the gourds into the arrangement. What do you think about the wagon wheel rim around the planter? How do you think it turned out?

Large Planter
Large Planter

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