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Our Fire Pit Area

It seems like everyone has a fire pit area in their yard these days. I see these people with their large yards and they just carve out a space in their massive backyard for a DIY firepit. They just scoop out the grass, stack some rocks, and viola – firepit.

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We have always wanted a fire pit area and my husband has wanted Adirondack chairs forever. So, we considered making a firepit area in the yard; but, our yard is so small that we decided to use the deck area instead. We traded out our deck chairs that we never sat on for Adirondack chairs and a fire table. It has all the ambiance of a real fire pit area and we didn’t sacrifice any yard space.

Before Picture with Deck Chairs
When we used this part of the deck for lounge chairs.

Our Fire Table

I would call this a city slicker fire pit area. Its perfect for you if you have a small backyard or if your city ordinances would prevent you from building an actual firepit. We can do just about anything you would do with a real fire pit area. We can even roast marshmallows and we don’t have to build an actual fire.

Fire Table

This fire table hides its own propane tank so you don’t have a separate tank to worry about. It has a hard cover over the fire area to make it a solid table on the top and it comes with a weather cover to keep it looking brand new.

Fire Table

The Perfect Adirondack Chairs

Now, about these chairs…Every fire pit area needs Adirondack chairs. Am I right? Well, do you know what makes the perfect Adirondack chair? It’s a combination of features, really. We bought these because they checked all the boxes.

Fire Pit Area

These chairs are perfect because they are over sized, have a curved back, and a rounded front for your legs. They have the look and feel of wood, but they are made from a high grade Poly. So, they never crack in the sun and you don’t have to paint them or worry about chipping paint. They can stay outside year round without and damage.

fire pit area

They also fold and recline. Really, these chairs are great for our fire pit area and tall husbands. My husband is 6’5″ and he wanted these chairs because they fit him. We also have two of the foot rests or ottomans that match. Our color is Coastal Teak.

fire pit area

We use this area year around. During the summer, it’s a great place to sit in the shade. When its a little cold outside, it’s fun to turn on the fire table and sit around the fire. We have roasted marshmallows a few times and we have even moved these chairs around to make an outdoor theater with a fire in the middle.

Outdoor theatre
outdoor theatre

Now you are thinking about it, aren’t you? You are figuring out how you can make a fire pit area in your small backyard. Well, good decision. It gets used much more than deck or lounge chairs ever would.

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