Check Out These Gourds: How to Dry and Spray Paint Gourds

Do you ever buy gourds when you buy your pumpkins in the fall?  Do you hate having to throw out rotting pumpkins and gourds to make way for the next holiday?  Well, here is a way you can keep those pretty gourds.  You’ll have to throw out the rotting pumpkins, though.

  1. Buy some great looking gourds in October and use them with your fall decorations.
  2. Move them outside when your pumpkins begin to rot in November.
  3. Place them on an elevated surface where they will get air circulating around them.  I placed mine on two large rocks we have in the backyard.  I would not put them directly on the ground.  You could even put some twine around the stem and hang them in a tree or from your fence if you didn’t have a flat surface to put them on.
  4. Leave them alone until the spring or summer.  We did have a mild winter here in Texas, so this might not be the best plan if you expect lots of snow.  If that’s the case, I would suggest storing them in the garage or shed or a dry place.
  5. Spray paint them a fun color and use them in your yard or garden for an added pop of color.

    What a great investment.  I got to use these in the fall and summer in different ways.  This fall when you are pumpkin shopping, consider buying some gourds to go with them.  When your pumpkins are rotten, your gourds will still be going strong.

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