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Pumpkin Decorating with Acrylic Skins

Pumpkin Decorating with Acrylic Skins

I know.  Acrylic skins?  It sounds funny, but everyone loves to decorate pumpkins, right?  Well, here is a very fun a creative pumpkin decorating idea for you to try.

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Step One: Make Acrylic Skins

Ever so often, the kids and I will make acrylic skins.  It’s super fun because you are basically just mixing paint and marbling it together.  My kids love to do this and it’s pretty relaxing.  For these pumpkins we used a stash we had laying around, but see my previous post about how to make acrylic skins here.

Step Two: Paint pumpkins

The kids and I each picked out a color of spray paint and painted a pumpkin.  You don’t have to use spray paint, but that’s what we did on these.


Step Three:  Create Collage Artwork with Acrylic Skins

Grab your pile of acrylic skins and start designing your artwork.


Paint the back side of your acrylic skins with Liquitex Matte Medium to glue it to your pumpkin.


Get creative with your design.  My daughter’s turned out to be the most creative.  She did a fall tree in the daytime on one side and a house at night on the other side.  It’s super cute and creative.  The other’s are just collages of acrylic skins.


Step Four: Display Your Pumpkin Decorating Skills For All To See

Of course, you are going to want to showcase your pumpkins.  Arrange them on your table or in your entryway.  They make a great centerpiece.


If you liked this idea, check out the artwork we made with acrylic skins here.  Also, here is another fun pumpkin painting idea here.


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