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Easy Halloween Decor Ideas

Are you one of those people who decorate big with Halloween decor or are you like me and can barely pull off pumpkins on the porch? Well, this year I did a little more than usual. I didn’t spend a ton of money and everything I did was super easy.

Halloween Tree

Probably the most involved decoration I did was my Halloween Christmas tree. Again, I didn’t spend a bunch of money on this, but I did love putting it together. Christmas trees are my favorite, in case you didn’t know. If they are your thing too, check out the details of my Halloween Tree here. Black cats were my theme.

Halloween tree


Going along with my the color scheme of my tree, I added bats. These guys were super inexpensive and I ordered them from Amazon. They came with little stickers to to attach them, but those didn’t hold very well. So, I ended up using a little double sided tape and that worked perfectly. I saw bats all over Instagram and Pinterest this year and I thought they were easy, inexpenisve, and made a big impact. I folded mine in half and hung them upside down from my chandelier and from a couple of little birch trees I used on my table. So easy.

Halloween Tree
Black Cats Bats and Pumpkins

Spiders In A Web

These spiders I have been using for years. They are super easy and make a big impact. I searched for large wall spiders on Amazon and there are a ton of options there for not a lot of money. They definitely feel like Halloween with being too scary. I don’t like blood and guts or ugly Halloween decor, but spiders I can get on board with for some reason. I usually use the webbing that you just pull apart. It feels a little bit like poly fill. Again, both spiders and webbing are fun, easy, and inexpensive Halloween decor.

Halloween decor

Pumpkins & Candles

I accessorized with pumpkins and candles. I bought a couple of the craft pumpkins at Michael’s and used them on the table in three different sizes to add some variety. These pumpkins won’t rot and I don’t have to worry about leaving them on my table. I can use them again and again. This was money well spent because I can paint them or change them up next year. I also have some tiny pumpkins under my Halloween tree. You can find these on Amazon or at Target or almost anywhere. They are super cute.

Halloween table
Halloween decor

Since Halloween is really all about lighting, I pulled in a combination of candle sticks and flameless candles. I used my entire collection of remote controlled flameless candles. These really helped pull the whole display together.

I hope you found some easy Halloween decor ideas in this post. Honestly, I’ll probably never do anything too elaborate for Halloween because I am already mentally concentrating on Christmas.

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