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Halloween DIYS and Crafts

Halloween DIYs

When Nana comes to town, she brings with her a tub of Halloween DIYs for us to do. Then, she ends up doing them all by herself. Thanks Nana! Here are four fun and easy DIY ideas you can do with family or by yourself, which ever you prefer.

Halloween DIYs

Gourd Jack-O-Lanterns

Do you remember a while back I posted a blog post about some gourds I had brought home from my parent’s house. I researched possible projects I could do when I got them cleaned up. There are so many possibilities. Well, my mom beat me to it.

She cleaned up some gourds, sanded them, and then carved them into cute little jack-o-lanterns. The ones she didn’t carve, she painted to look like jack-o-lanterns and ghosts. Isn’t she talented?

Halloween DIYs

There are so many instructions on Pinterests about gourds. I made a Pinterest board HERE. I also made a Pinterest board called Fall & Halloween Crafts & DIYs and I pinned a ton of posts with instructions on all of these DIYs.

This is the craft the kids jumped in on because it involved painting. My daughter painted a gourd to look like a beehive and my son painted some jack-o-lanterns. Everyone loves paint in my house!

Wooden Block Pumpkins

Now, both of my parents deserve credit for the next two DIYs. My dad cut the wood to my mom’s specifications and she sanded and painted. I love how these wooden block pumpkins turned out. What do you think?

Wooden Block Pumpkins

Wooden Cat, Pumpkin, Ghost Set

Now, these are technically a DIY, but they arrived at my house fully completed. Aren’t they cute? Again, my dad cut the wood and my mom sanded and painted this cute little set of three – black cat, pumpkin, and ghost. They looked so cute under my Halloween Christmas tree.

Halloween DIYs
Halloween Christmas Tree

Check out my post on this Halloween Christmas tree HERE.

Cheese Cloth Ghosts

The last Halloween DIY idea is making cheese cloth ghosts. Again, there are a ton of post on Pinterest with directions. I think my mom used my Mod Podge because it was handy, but you don’t have to be all fancy and use a balloon for the head. Just use what you have around the house to make your shape. So easy, especially since I didn’t do it! Ha ha!

Halloween DIYs
Cheese cloth ghost

Well, there you go, four fun and easy Halloween and fall craft and DIY ideas you can do with kids or without. Check Pinterest for all the directions you could ever need.

Pin Halloween DIYs Here

Halloween DIYs

Shop Halloween DIYs Here

Rotary Toolkit for Gourd Carving

Cheese Cloth For Ghosts

Mod Podge For Ghosts

Black Felt for Ghost Eyes

Raffia for Bows

4 x 4 for Wooden Pumpkins

1 x 4 for Wooden Cat, Ghost and Pumpkin

Wooden Dowls for Stems

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