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My Halloween Tree

When October rolls around and you are wanting to put up a Christmas tree, why not put up a Halloween tree? This is a tree I have never done before, but this year I did it! And, I’ve got to say, it was more fun than I had thought it would be. Here is how you can put up your own Halloween tree.

Halloween tree

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Step 1: The Tree

The first thing you will need to have is a Christmas tree. If you want to use the tree you use at Christmas, now is a great time to get it out and fluffed up. When you are ready to decorate for Christmas, you will already be that much further ahead. However, if you have never put up a Halloween tree, then you might not have enough decor to fill out a full tree. That is okay and totally up to you. You can build your decor up over the years as you do for Christmas.

I decided to purchase a tree for Halloween that I plan to use for other holidays as well. I decided to decorate a smaller table top tree because I did not want to spend a ton of money on Halloween decor. I already had some black ornaments and ribbon and I thought I could pull this together without breaking the bank. I spent my money on the tree and I will be able to use it over and over.

So, I got a table top silver tinsel tree. It is super high quality and turned out to be the perfect size to fit on my dinning room table. It is so cute and linked here.

Halloween tree

Step 2: The Color Scheme

If you know me at all, then you know orange is not my favorite color. That’s not great when you are decorating for Halloween. There are other colors that you can use; however, and I chose black and white/silver. When I decided I would decorate for Halloween in my dining room that is black and white, that pretty much determined my color scheme. It would be easy to add orange or purple down the line. This year, I just added black decor on to my silver tree.

Halloween tree

Step 3: The Theme

Ideas for themes are endless, especially if you spend a minute on Pinterest or Instagram. This year bats seem to be everywhere! I am not a fan of creepy or scary decor, so I came up with my black cat theme. This theme is a little personal because we actually have four black cats and they all love a good tree. So, I found some cute black cats to put in my tree! These are also linked below!

black cat decor

Step 4: Decorate Your Halloween Tree

Once you have made all your design decision, you will want to gather up everything you plan to use to decorate your Halloween tree. I gathered what I already had which was black, silver, and clear ornaments, black ribbon, and silver fern leaves. I bought the black cats, the spiders, and the black picks.

black cat decor

I decorated this tree just like any Christmas tree. I started at the top with my picks. Next I added in my focal points, the black cats. Then, I tried to evenly distribute my ornaments and ribbon by color. Finally, I added the silver fern leaves for filler and popped on the spiders. I will say the biggest challenge with this tree was evenly distributing the color black.

spider decor

Having never done a Halloween tree, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. I love it. I am sure I will just keep adding to it and come up with some great ideas for next Halloween.

Pro Lighting Tip

So, did you ask yourself how I was going to light this tree in the middle of my dining room table? Well, most of the time I just have a cord running across the room. No one really uses that pathway anyway, so it’s fine. However, I did come up with a great idea to light it without the cord for a short period of time. I used a laptop charger with a plug outlet and I hid it under the tree skirt. What? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m a genius. I linked it here and below!

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