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How To Put Lights On Your Christmas Tree

If you buy a live Christmas tree or you add extra lights to your pre-lit artificial trees, you might be doing it the hard way. Are you making yourself dizzy by going around the tree? That method is hard even if your tree is in the middle of the room, not to mention how hard that is if the tree is up against a wall or in a corner. It’s almost impossible to get that string of lights to cooperate. It’s time to ditch that method and try the easy way.

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Before you ever start, you want to decide how many strands you are going to use. Then you will visually divide the tree from top to bottom into that many sections. So, if you are adding three strands like I did to the tree in the video, then you can look at the tree and divide it into three sections from top to bottom. Here is a tree with one section drawn. The other two sections are on either side.

How To Add lights


Before you do anything, you will want to plug your lights in to make sure they are working. Then, you will want to start adding your strand at the top of the tree. It’s best to add them while they are plugged in so you can see exactly where they are going. Obviously, the end that is plugged in to the wall will be near the bottom of the tree and the other end of is what you will have at the top of the tree.


Now, start adding from the top to the bottom in a zig zag fashion. You will also want to move in and out of the tree with your lights making sure to cover each branch. By having lights inside and outside of the tree, you will be adding so much more depth to your tree and you will be lighting up your ornaments and decor that you will be putting deeper into the branches.

The great thing about adding lights in this way is that they are so much easier to take off as well! They just pull right off the branches and you don’t have to make yourself dizzy by going around the tree. This really is the easiest way to add lights to your Christmas tree.

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The lights I used had green wire, but here is a link to these lights with a white wire.

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