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Another Valentine’s Tree Idea

Have you noticed how many people are posting their Valentine’s tree this year? So many people that I follow online are putting up Valentine’s trees this year, some for the first time. I think everyone could use a little more love this year. So, I decided to do it as well.

Valentines Tree

I have never really decorated for Valentine’s day before, but you may have already seen the pair of trees I put up in my entryway. If not, read Valentine’s Decor Ideas to see those trees. I love having them!

Valentines Decor

Well, I also decided I would try my hand at an actual tree. I was ready to get all my big Christmas trees down and put away, so I decided I could use my pencil tree that I had in the entryway for Christmas. Here’s how to put one together.

Choose A Color Scheme for Your Valentine’s Tree

The first thing I thought about was color. What decor did I already have that I could put together in a way that said Valentine’s Day? I had some little red heart ornaments I knew I was going to use and I really wanted to use some gray plaid ribbon I bought at Christmas. I also didn’t want to repeat the red and white theme I already had in the front of the house. So, I used the ribbon as my jumping off point and I put together a gray scale plus red color scheme. I used black, gray, silver, white, and clear ornaments to match the ribbon and then I obviously used red to compliment. I added the red heart ornaments, red balls, red berries, and red velvet ribbon.

Valentines Tree

Try a New Technique

Since this is for fun, why not try something you have never tried before? Search Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. I saw a Christmas decorator on Instagram using really floppy or large looped bows. My bows are generally more fixed or formal looking, but this gray ribbon is pretty floppy. It was also really hard to combine the two ribbons to tie a bow. I’ve also seen some others make single loops. So, I put all that together, and the floppy one loop bow was born. I tucked these bows deep into the branches and attached them with wire as close to the middle pole as I could. I used longer loops and tails at the bottom, short loops and tails at the top, and middle length loops and tails in the middle of the tree. This was to help keep the cone shape of the tree. What do you think? You’ll probably being seeing this from me again at Christmas. It was super easy and super cute!

Valentines Tree Floppy One Loop Bow
Floppy One Loop Bow
Valentines Tree Floppy One Loop Bow

If you decide to do a Valentine’s tree this year, have fun and enjoy! I am enjoying mine! My house always feels so empty and devoid of color when all the Christmas decor comes down. This year, I’m enjoying my Valentine’s trees instead of an empty house!

Valentines Tree
Valentines Tree
Valentines tree

Pin Valentine’s Tree Here!

Valentines Tree Pin

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