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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Do you buy anyone you know a Valentine’s Day gift? Honestly, it’s not a huge deal in our house, but a little token or gift would be nice. My mom used to give me and brother Valentines and some years I try to do a little candy or something for the kids, but it’s not out of control.

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I can’t remember ever receiving a Valentine’s Day gift from the husband, now that I think about it. No roses at my doorstep. That’s okay, because I’ll just buy my own! I’d rather have something on my wish list than roses that won’t last that long anyways. So, I put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide with practical things that I’d love to get as gifts or buy for myself!

Valentine's Day gift

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Apple Watch | $199.99 – An Apple watch helps monitor your heart health. Keep your body moving and track your progress. This gift says I care about you and your heart!
  2. Apple Watch Charging Station | $9.99 – Once you have an Apple Watch, you’ll obviously need a place to charge it! This sleek, but traditional looking charging station will fit into your decor and keep your cords in one place.
  3. Burt’s Bees Bee Mine | $10.99 – Get 4 Valentine lip balms and be ready for that kiss! I seem to be allergic to some types of lip balm, but not Burt’s Bees. I love having one in every pocket of every jacket and in every drawer in the house.
  4. Merci Chocolate | $21.79 – This is an impressive gift box. My husband got one for Christmas and we are still enjoying it. There are a ton of flavors of chocolate and you can keep your indulgence small with one or two pieces.
  5. Mix Bar Perfume | $19.99 – This would be perfect for a teen girl. My daughter said the other day that she might like some perfume and this is super inexpensive. This would be a way for her to find what scents she may or may not like without spending a ton of money.
  6. Two Some Conversation Starter Game | $9.99 – This game looked like it would be a fun evening. You can see how well you know each other. You can play with just two people or you can go head to head with other couples. I’m thinking how that might be fun with friends.
  7. Cross Body Bag | $18.99 – I have my large purse that is full of junk, mainly a wallet and old receipts, right? That’s what I carry around most of the time, but really I just need a phone, wallet, and my Burt’s Bees. This cross body bag would be perfect for when I want to travel light.
  8. Heart Shaped Charcuterie Board | $149 – Charcuterie is all the rage right now. You can make any kind of board you can think of really. This heart shaped board would make a great Valentine’s Day board.
  9. Set of 4 Heart Linen Napkins | $40 – These are so cute and a great way to add a little pop of love to a Valentine’s Day table setting.
  10. Heart Dish |$10 – Cute as a solo plate for jewelry or small things you want to keep in one place or as set of plates. Get a whole set and use these to set a beautiful Valentine’s Day dinner for someone special.
  11. Silk Sleep Masks |$50 – Silk pillow cases and sleep masks are a fun way to get those zzzzzs.
  12. Heart On a String Faux House Plant | $49.50 – I thought this was so cute and fun. The leaves on this plant are shaped like hearts. It’s a faux plant, so it won’t die like roses would.
  13. Heart PJs | $54 – Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up in these? These pjs are by a company that makes the softest clothes. I have no doubt these would be super soft as well, not to mention super cute!
  14. Initial Necklace | $240 – This one is a bit of a splurge, but if you wear jewelry, this is gorgeous. Find your own initial, of course.
  15. Heart Shaped Jewelry Box | $19.50 – These come in different sizes, and would be great for travel. So cute!
  16. Fuzzy Slippers | $28 – Wouldn’t these look cute with new PJs? Obviously!
  17. Kisses PJs |$54 – These might be my favorite item on this gift guide. I’m always in my snuggly clothes!

I hope you find something on this gift guide for Valentine’s Day to either buy for someone you love or buy for yourself.

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