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Are you thinking about how you would put together a Valentine Tree and don’t know where you would start? Well, I put together the perfect bundle of decor for you. This bundle of Valentine’s home decor is perfect to mix in with your existing Christmas decor to make a beautiful Valentine’s Day tree.

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Valentine Tree
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I have mixed these pieces with my red and white Christmas ornaments and the result is all Valentine’s Day! If you want a beautiful Valentine tree this year but don’t know where to start, this bundle will get you there.

Valentine Tree Bundle
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Bundle Includes: 6 Multi-Ribbon Bows (Pre-made)

Get 6 of the following pre-made Valentine bows.

This 5 ribbon, 5 loop bow is perfect for your Valentine’s Day decor. Pop it on a wreath, a mantel, or a Valentine tree for a colorful accent. This bow features 4″ red velvet ribbon, 4″ pink candy glitter ribbon, 4″ black and white plaid ribbon, 2.5″ red velvet ribbon, and 2.5″ silver mirror mirror ribbon.

This bow is approximately 12″ wide and 5″ high. The loops are approximately 6 inches.

I used these bows in my Valentine’s Day tree and they were the perfect way to tie all my colors together. I just love the pop of pink and silver. The black and white plaid ribbon ties into my home decor and obviously the red says Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect Valentine bow.

Valentine Tree Bow
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Bundle Includes: 18 Pink Tea Rose Sprays

Get 6 of the following tea rose spray bundles. Each bundle comes with 3 sprays. That’s a total of 18 sprays.

Add a touch of elegance to any decor with this beautiful tea rose spray, featuring 4 fully opened blooms, 3 new growth buds, and rich green foliage accents. It makes a wonderful addition to any arrangement, or display this brilliant Tea Rose spray on its’ own in your favorite decorative vase. This colorful spray will stay fresh season after season. There are 3 sprays per pack.

These sprays would also look great in a Holiday display. They are going to look great on my Valentine’s Day tree. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or spring arrangements.

Tea Rose Sprays
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Bundle Includes: 12 5″ Iridescent Ball Ornaments

Plus, get 12 of the 5″ Iridescent Shatterproof ball ornaments.

Transparent, iridescent 5 inch (127mm) ball ornament. The iridescent look is perfect to add in almost any decor, wreaths, or Christmas trees. These can go with any color and when used on a Christmas tree, fill space without blocking light.

These ornaments are going to look great in my Valentine’s Day tree and in my holiday and Christmas decor.

Iridescent Ornaments
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Valentine tree

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Pin Shop My Valentine Tree Bundle Here

Valentine Tree

Shop My Valentine Tree Bundle Here

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