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Valentine’s Decor Ideas

This year is the first time I have ever decided to really decorate for Valentine’s Day. The extent of my Valentine’s decor has been putting a few red hearts in a vase so that there is at least a little bit of color in my life.

Usually, I just concentrate on getting all my Christmas decorations stuffed in a box and tucked away into the attic where they will live for 8 or so months. It takes forever and it’s depressing. It’s all fun and games putting Christmas up, but for me, it’s just no fun taking it down. Then, the house just feels empty. There are no lights or pops of color and it’s just a little blah.

So, this year instead of putting it all away, I decided I would take another swipe at everything and see if I could put together some Valentine’s decor with all of my Christmas decor. I love it and here’s how you can do it, too.

Valentines Decor

Use What You Have

I have so much Christmas decor that I can turn into Valentin’e decor and I have never even thought about it. I didn’t want to go out and buy more things to store in my attic in a month, so I started taking a look at what I had to see if I could put together some trees.

Valentines Decor

Obviously I had red balls. I packed up my tree in the family room that had all my red ornaments, but I pulled out my favorite ones. I went shopping in my other big tree and robbed it of it’s large white balls, gray balls, and snow splatter balls. Another obvious choice are my silver heart ornaments that I had used in my bedroom.

Valentines Decor

I also knew I couldn’t wait until next Christmas to use that red velvet ribbon I bought after Christmas this year. Read Mom’s Favorite Things To Buy After Christmas to see what else I bought. I wasn’t even planning on doing Valentine’s decor when I was shopping, but next year I will.

Valentines Decor

Valentine’s Decor Color Combinations

Adding hearts to the mix definitely communicates Valentine’s Day, but so does your color combination. I just happen to have red and white decor on separate trees in separate rooms and when I brought those two colors together, it really popped. It was light and bright and red. I added a little bit of gray to tie in the pedestals. I didn’t end up using the gray plaid ribbon on this tree because it made the trees feel too dark and I was really liking how bright they were. This color combination really feels like Valentine’s Day and not Christmas.

Valentines Decor

If you happen to have any pink deocr, that would be another color that would really take your Christmas decor into Valentine’s Day. I also considered red and silver, but since I used red and gold at Christmas, I stayed away from that combination. I will probably continue with red and white and gray because that is what I have, but use a combination that you already have. Throw in a color that isn’t a traditional Christmas color, like gray, if you have it. I think red and black would also be a good color combination if you happen to have those colors. Almost any neutral with red would work. Just make it different than what you did at Christmas.

Add Hearts For Valentine’s Decor

Just by adding a heart to something like a deer, can take it from Christmas to Valentines. Hearts communicate that this arrangement is Valentine’s decor, not Christmas. Also, this arrangement is all about pairs. I have a pair of trees, a pair of deer, a pair of chairs, and a pair of pets on my pillows. If you think about it, that also says Valentine’s Day.

I am decorating for Valentine’s Day and taking down my Christmas decor at the same time. It has helped me to create something while I am tearing down Christmas. It’s not so depressing. However, the rest of my house is a wreck! I am enjoying this little cute spot and I have another tree I am working on. I’ll share that next time. In the meantime, enjoy my Valentine’s decor.

Read DIY Snow Splatter Ornaments to see how I made clear and white ornaments I used on these trees.

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