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Spring & Easter Tree

For me the first signs of spring are when my grass turns green, the birds start chirping, and the flowers start blooming for everyone to see. So, for my spring and Easter tree, I decided to put together some floral pieces that spoke to my own ideas of spring.

Spring and Easter tree

I started with the cherry blossom stems you see at the top of tree. Those definitely make me think of spring time. Next, I found the purple magnolia blossoms and loved them. Really, I don’t have a memory of ever seeing any before, but I just loved the color and thought they were beautiful. Then, I found the buttery yellow color of the hydrangeas and other yellow ball mum sprays to compliment the purple magnolias.

Finally, I brought home my new spring florals and mixed them in with some eucalyptus, green grasses, white pampass grass, black and white plaid ribbon and iridescent ball ornaments to create my spring tree. I wanted to add easter eggs in a way that wasn’t totally obvious, you know, like you might have to hunt for them a little bit. So, I did a little faux paper mache easter egg DIY and then hid them in the tree. I also added a birch branch and an owl friend at the top.

Owl in spring tree

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Shop my Spring and Easter Tree
  1. Eucalyptus

2. Light Green Hanging Ficus Bush

3. White Wysteria

4. Cherry Blossom Stem

5. Bare Birch Branch

6. Iridescent Ball Ornaments

7. Yellow Ball Mum Sprays

8. Purple Magnolia Blossom

9. White Pampass Grass

10. White Hydrangea

11. Purple Rose Bush

12. Pair of Owls

13. Yellow Hydrangea Stems

14. Black and White Plaid Ribbon

15. Pink Tea Rose Sprays

16. Cream Tulip Bush

17. Flocked 6″ Fir Christmas Tree

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Spring and Easter tree

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