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Easy DIY Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Easy DIY Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Did you ever do a paper mache project in art class when you were a kid? Well, I did several growing up. In fact, I got super excited about the project one year and ended up doing a giant elephant. I still have this giant paper mache elephant in my dining room to this day. Well, I loved paper mache and I got the idea of doing paper mache Easter eggs this year.

However, when I started remember how I made the elephant by starting from scratch to make my shape with newspaper and then pasting strips of paper on top of strips of paper with wallpaper paste, I decided I didn’t have time for that. So, I found an easy way to get the look of paper mache Easter eggs without the whole mess.

paper mache Easter eggs

Step 1: Buy Craft Eggs

I found some craft eggs at Hobby Lobby that were about the size I wanted. They even had paper mache Easter eggs that were the size I wanted, but they just had the one. I bought ten or so of the decorative/craft eggs in the large size.

Step 2: Grab Some Pretty Craft Paper

I have a stash of pretty craft paper, so I didn’t have to buy any. But, you could have some fun picking out whatever kind of paper you wanted to use. I had the idea of using solid colors and making a design out of them, but I ended up with just a random paper mache look.

Step 3: Tear Paper & Glue

I tore several different papers into small random pieces. Then, I glued them on with Mod Podge. I tried Rubber Cement, but it just didn’t stick to the Easter egg. Mod Podge definitely worked the best.

Step 4: Decorate

I used my easy DIY paper mache Easter eggs in my Easter tree. (To see more about my Spring and Easter Christmas tree, check out Spring & Easter Tree. You could also use these in any Easter decor you have. I have some on my dining room table. They would also look good grouped together in a bowl.

These were so easy and fun to put together. I got the look of a whole paper mache project without doing the whole paper mache project. The sky is the limit on designs you could use as well. Just have some fun doing it.

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I used craft paper from my personal stash, but I picked out some beautiful craft papers below. Plus, I included the other supplies you might need for this easy DIY.

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paper mache Easter eggs

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