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Fall Decor Christmas Tree Idea

Who says you have to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up your Christmas tree?  Of course you can do whatever makes you happy.  This year I have redecorated a Christmas tree for the entire year.  This year I just completed a fall decor tree for the first time ever and it might just be my favorite tree I have ever done.

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Fall Decor

Step 1: Color Palette and Inspiration

The first step with just about everything I do is to zone in on a color palette and find a source of inspiration. I already knew I what color palette I was leaning towards. I was wanting to go with neutrals that went with my living room and I wanted a woodsy feel. I knew I would stay away from the traditional autumn colors of oranges and reds because I personally have a hard time loving warm colors, especially orange. Not to mention that my fireplace in the living room is red and for some reason red and orange together are not my jam.

fall decor

As far as inspiration goes, I needed something. This time I didn’t go to Pinterest (which is rare), I went shopping. I headed to my favorite Christmas store and found a collection of owls that stole my heart. They were so pretty and they went with my color palette. I had seen the large owl before and he was probably already on my mind. I knew he would give my tree just the large focal point it needed. So, I scooped him up along with five of his little friends.

Large Owl In Christmas Tree
fall decor

Step 2: Use What You’ve Got

For me, I can’t just go out and buy all new items when I decide to put together a new tree. (That would be so nice!) So, I have an inventory system that I use. Read How To Organize Your Christmas Decor With An App to see my easy inventory system. With this system, I can take a look at what I already own and select items I want to use without getting everything I own out of the attic. I at least know what I am searching for before I get in there.

fall tree

For this tree, I went in to retrieve some picks in the color palette, some grapevine garland, and some gray, black, and gold ornaments. I also had a collection of feather ornaments that I knew would be perfect for this tree concept. So, I gathered everything I already had to fill in this tree.

fall decor

Step 3: Add Fall Decor

So, since this was a fall tree, I needed some items that said fall. So, I included some pumpkins and some fall leaves that were in my color palette. The pumpkins came from the Target dollar spot and the leaves came from Michael’s. I was able to turn the pumpkins in to picks by sticking a stick in the bottom of each pumpkin and then placing them in the tree. The leaves tied everything together. I was so happy to find some options that were not orange. Thank you Michael’s.

fall decor

These items are what really make this tree a fall tree. Everything else could be used in another Christmas concept or other holiday concept. I also made the decision that I didn’t want anything that was too glittery or shiny for my fall tree.

Year Round Christmas Tree Idea

So, go for it! Decorate that Christmas tree any way you want to. Might I suggest this fall tree concept. You will find links to everything you need to recreate this tree below in shopping.

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