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An Easy Transition From Fall To Christmas

If you have decided to put up a fall or Thanksgiving tree this year and are wondering how you might transition that tree into the Christmas season, here’s an idea. Earlier this year I got the great idea to put up a fall Christmas tree, which I did. I put together a collection of all the things that to me said fall is in the air. In this process I stayed away from anything that was glittery or too shiny or that reminded me of Christmas.

So, what do you think I did when it was time to transition this tree to Christmas? That’s right. I brought in the glitter, the gold glitter. Since this tree had gold balls in it, I decided to add gold glitter picks and more gold balls to give it more of the Christmas vibe.


Step 1: Remove Fall Decor

The first thing I did to transition this tree from fall to Christmas was to remove the fall decor. The things that really made this tree feel like fall were the leaves and pumpkins. Those were easy enough to remove. Since they were all picks, I was able to remove them without doing damage to the tree over all.

Fall Tree

I would not try to remove the garland or anything that might tear up the entire tree. It would probably be easier to take everything off and start from scratch. But, the leaves and pumpkins came out without any problems.

Step 2: Add Gold Glitter

Once the leaves and pumpkins were gone, there were some holes to fill. So, I started filling in those holes with gold glitter picks and gold glitter balls. This tree already had some gold balls for accent, so I just stayed within the existing color scheme.

transition from fall to Christmas

Some other ideas to transition a fall tree to a Christmas tree might be to add some flocked or iced pieces depending on your color palate.

To see this tree as a fall tree, read Fall Decor Christmas Tree. To see some of my other Christmas tree designs, head to Christmas.

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