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Rainbow Spray Painted Shelves

Rainbow Spray Painted Shelves

My daughter and I recently finished a room refresh in her bedroom over her spring break. One of the most fun projects we completed were her rainbow spray painted shelves. While these shelves are a work of art on their own, they also provide a much needed area for her to display her own works of art.

Over the years, my daughter has discovered her love of creating art. She started to use her wall as a sort of bulletin board art gallery. It was looking pretty cluttered and disorganized, but she was proud of her works. So, I knew it was important to make an organized space for her to display her art.

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Before Picture

When I asked her to pick out colors for her room refresh, she literally picked out a rainbow of colors. I have seen ideas on Instagram and Pinterest using spray paint to paint a rainbow on different things. Plus, I had these picture ledge shelves just sitting in the attic without a wall to call their own. So, I had the bright idea to spray paint them like a rainbow. She loved the idea, and the rest is history.

Picture ledge shelves before spray paint

We headed to Home Depot and got a rainbow of Rustoleum spray paint.

Rainbow spray paint

Next, we just counted the squares in the trim on the shelves and divided by 6. That way we would have approximately the same space for each color. We marked where we would spray each color by placing the lid of the spray paint at the stopping point. We started on the right end and made our way to the left end. It wasn’t an exact science and it was fun for her to do.

Rainbow Spray Painted Shelves
Rainbow Spray Painted Shelves

I had to hold my breath for this; because, these shelves I made with my dad about fifteen years ago. I never envisioned that they would be spray painted like a rainbow. But, better they be used than sit in the attic, right?

Rainbow Spray Painted Shelves

We made these shelves to display framed photos. They are super long, but they are not very heavy. I mounted these guys to the wall with two adjustable flush mounts, one on either end of each shelf.

Once the shelves were on the wall, we added her artwork. We mounted some pieces to mat board and put others in frames.

Rainbow Spray Painted Shelves
Rainbow Spray Painted Shelves

So, not only does this look much more organized, but it’s on the opposite wall of her bed. Now she can look at her artwork from her bed instead of it hanging over her bed. What an improvement! Even though I was holding my breath on this one, I do love how these shelves turned out.

In order to balance out the rainbow theme, I added a rainbow pom pom wreath on the opposite wall. How cute is that? If you want to know how to make a pom pomn wreath, check out Pom Pom Wreath Tutorial.

Rainbow Pom Pom Wreath

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