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Painting Our Nightstand To Match

Painted Nightstand

When my daughter and I started in on her room makeover, one of the projects I was excited to tackle was her mismatched nightstand situation. You see, when we bought her furniture several years ago, we only bought one night stand. Because of the room she was in at the time, that was all she needed then. Well, when she switched bedrooms, we gave her another nightstand. The two nightstands did not match. So, we matched them up.

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Nightstand To Match

Here is the nightstand that we were matching to. As you can see, it is a great gray color on the darker side of gray. It has a little sanding on the edges for a slight distressed look with a flat paint finish. It probably is almost like a thick stain. It’s from Relic and we bought it with the matching dresser.

Nightstand to match

Nightstand To Paint

Here’s the other nightstand we were working with. It has a honey oak finish. It obviously doesn’t match and you can see in our before pictures how much this effected the symmetry in the room. To see our before pictures and other details from this room makeover, check out Teen Girl Bedroom Reveal.

nightstand to paint

DIY Details

So, the first step in making these guys match was to get paint as close to the gray one as we could. In order to get a paint match, we removed one of the legs of the gray nightstand. I was going to take the drawer, but couldn’t get it out. Luckily the little feet just screwed right off and I was able to take that with me. We went to Home Depot and asked for a paint match in an interior eggshell enamel.

painting in process

Before we painted the nightstand, we cleaned it and rubbed it with liquid sander because it had a shinny finish. I also sanded some imperfections out of the top with some sand paper. Next, we painted the nightstand with our matching gray paint with two coats of paint.

painting nightstand

Once the nightstand was dry, I went around the edges with my sandpaper to sand off some of the paint to give it the same slightly distressed look of the other nightstand.

The final step that really helped pull all of the furniture together was to spray paint the handle on this nightstand, the handle on the other nightstand, and two of the drawer pulls on the dresser to match. We painted all of that hardware yellow. This last step really helped match up the nightstands, added some symmetry, and just pulled the room together. Sometimes it’s that attention to a small detail that turns out to be very impactful to your space.

finished nightstand
original nightstand
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Matching nightstands really add to the symmetry of your room. Even if they don’t exactly match, you can make them as similar as possible and fool your eye. There was so much we did in this room to improve it, but this little project made a big impact.


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