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So Many Gourd Crafts and DIYS

Gourd Crafts and DIYs

Have you ever done a craft or DIY with a gourd? Did you know there are so many different ideas? Wow! Just google gourd crafts and DIYs and you will be amazed. This is an artform all on it’s own. In fact, crafts may have been invented on gourds, ha ha. They used to be used as tools, but now there are so many works of art made with gourds. If you want to get a small taste of all the things you can do with a gourd, check out my Pinterest Board, Gourd Craft DIYs.

Gourd Crafts and DIYs

If you watch my Instagram Stories, you know that I recently brought home a big bag of gourds that my mom grew in her garden. So far, I’m in the research and design phase of this project. I haven’t done anything to them yet. They are still in their natural state. I have a ton of ideas, and I’m trying to narrow it down and then there is finding the time to work on them. This might end up being a summer time project.

Gourd Crafts and DIYs

I have done a super simple easy gourd craft a few years ago after I bought a couple of gourds with my pumpkins one year. I ended up drying those out and using them in my large planter. Check out How to Dry Out Gourds and Keep Them For Decorations to see how I dried them out. After they were dried out, I simply spray painted them a poppy green color and added them to my large planter in the backyard. Check out Great Idea for Large Planters to see what I put in my large planters.

How To Dry Out Gourds

A few years and one backyard makeover later, I redid these guys with white spray paint and added them back to my updated planter. They are still as good as new! I feel like they might literally last forever.

So, what will I do with my new batch of gourds? I am planning to go up a level with my next gourd craft. Nothing too fancy, but an idea is developing. I’m sure I’ll have to give them a good cleaning, first. Then, I am thinking I’ll try and cut them open and clean out the insides. There is a ton of information about how to do this on Pinterest. Next, I feel like power tools might come in handy.

Have you ever seen a gourd lantern? Well, they can be extremely elaborate and beautiful, or they can be pretty basic. I found a good tutorial on Pinterest at Artful Roost. If I turn them into lanterns, I’m sure they will be basic lanterns. I’m not trying to become a gourd artist. Now, think lanterns and Christmas trees together and you might get an idea of what’s going on in my head right now.

If I can’t quite get my lantern vision to come to life, I can definitely see these gourds as very natural looking bird houses. Now, think birdhouse, fall, and Christmas tree and you might get an idea of my vision here. Whatever gourd crafts and DIYs I attempt with my batch of gourds, don’t expect artisanship, but do expect easy and fun!

I love the look of this birdhouse I found on Pinterst!

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Gourd Crafts and DIYs

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