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Lemon Tree Spring Decor

Why not have some fun with your spring decor this year? Let’s make a lemon tree! Well, that’s what I thought. I guess it all started when I had to take down all of my Christmas decor this year. You know how your house feels so empty when when it’s gone? So, I decided I would do a couple of Valentine’s trees to make me feel better and fill the void. Then, my brain started swirling with Christmas tree ideas and before I knew it, I had St. Patrick’s Day trees in my foyer. Really, it just happened so fast.

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Then, I knew I couldn’t stop there. I had to keep going. Easter was the next obvious choice, right? Sure, Easter would have made a great tree, but I by the time St. Patrick’s Day was over, Easter was just around the corner. At the same time I was feeling all inspired from a shirt my daughter had with lemons all over it. I have never done anything remotely in the yellow family, but the pull was strong. Then, when I found lemons at Michael’s, it was over. I had to put together a lemon tree. Being a big Peter Paul & Mary fan only added to the fun.

So, now you know where the idea came from. Well, here is how I put it together.

Gathering My Materials

I started my search for lemons at Michael’s and I found some lemons in different sizes and they even had these picks with lemons and leaves that are obviously perfect for this task. So, of course, I bought all they had. I used this batch of lemons in the dining room, switching out my winter decor. To see how I had this dining room decorated for winter, read DIY Winter Flower Arrangements and Winter Decorating Tips.

Lemon Spring Decor

Then, I went back to Michael’s after they restocked and got more lemons. Now, I have a significant lemon collection. I added some white to my color scheme with gardenia stems. I grabbed some eucalyptus stems with buds on them to give a different color of green and shape to my greenery collection. In addition to the eucalyptus, I used my magnolia leaf collection for more greenery. I also purchased the yellow berry type dangly flowers you see in the tree. Sorry, I have no idea what they are called, but I thought they were interesting. (I also bought pampass grass, but I didn’t put it in the tree.)

I have linked all the items I used in this tree. Feel free to shop this post and create your own lemon tree spring decor!

Decorating The Lemon Tree

Before I dove in on decorating, I had to decide whether or not I was going to decorate both of the trees I had been using for my #yearroundchristmastree experiment. I wasn’t sure I had enough to cover two trees and I really wanted this to be a manageable thing for the rest of the year. Two trees were great for Valentine’s Day and I had plenty of St. Patrick’s decor for two trees, but I decided to scale back on the spring tree. Just doing one tree gave me a really full tree as opposed to two scantily clad trees.

spring decor

I started by wrapping the tree with pieces of a grapevine garland. Which, I found that this really helped shape the tree and gave the floral pieces a framework to fit in to. This is the first time I have put together a tree without Christmas ornaments and I needed something for the floral pieces to rest on. The vines worked great to hold it all together.

spring decor

Next, I put in all the eucalyptus stems I had, breaking these apart and spreading them around the tree. Then, I added my magnolia stems. I wanted to space those out, because those ended up really being statement pieces. At this point, I put in the hanging berry type stems to see if I liked them. After that, I came in with my lemon stems that had several lemons on them. I spaced those guys out. Finally, I put in my magnolia leaves to fill in. I did notice that on this tree, I sort of jumped around with my steps, but it all came together eventually.

lemon spring decor

The last thing I did was take some of the lemons that didn’t have stems and popped them on the stems I broke off of the eucalyptus. The lemons are just foam and the stem went right through the end. Then I could poke these lemons in the trees and fill in any holes that needed a spot of yellow.

Lemon tree

Accessorizing My Lemon Tree

Once the tree was done, I switched out the artwork behind the tree, changed the chair, and added some accessories. Because this tree turned out to be so yellow, it really needed a simpler backdrop. So, I went with my black and grays. I added white accessories on the table to bring out the white magnolias. I also reworked a spring wreath I had and added some lemons to move the yellow around.

Now, I have a full spring lemon tree in my foyer and it is beautiful! I love it every day! What about you? Do you decorate for spring? Would ever decorate a Christmas tree all year long?

Lemon Spring Decor
Lemon Spring Decor

If you like my spring lemon tree, check out my Valentine’s trees here – Valentine’s Decor Ideas and here – Another Valentine’s Tree Idea. Also, check out my St. Patrick’s Day trees here – St. Patrick’s Day Decor Ideas. You can follow me on Instagram to see what theme I do next @momcandoanything.

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