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DIY Winter Flower Arrangements

I love repurposing decor items in my home. It’s easier to spend the money on an item you can use in several different ways. At Christmas this past year, I invested in some winter floral pieces that I used in my Christmas decor. I loved them so much that I couldn’t bear to pack them away in the attic with all of my Chrismtas decor, so I made some winter flower arrangements with them. Here’s how you can do this yourself.

Gather Supplies

Obviously you are going to need some flowers, a vase or some kind of container for your flowers, a filler or accent stem, and possibly some filler for the bottom of your vase or container. You may also need some dry floral foam and some wire.

hydrangeas and feathers

For all of my flower arrangements, I used flowers I had previously used in my Christmas tree and garlands. So, I started by gathering those flowers.

Then, I gathered several containers. I used a really tall clear glass vase, a small silver vase, two translucent brown vases, and a small rectangle clear glass vase.

Then I decided on some filler pieces to break up the flowers. I used some red glitter branches, some brown faux feathers, and some snowy branches. All of these items were previously used in my Christmas decor as well.

winter flower arrangements

Fill Your Vase, or Not

In my first flower arrangement I used a clear glass vase, so I started by filling the vase with some fake snow. This worked well to hide the stems. In my solid silver vase, I added dry floral foam to hold the stems in place. In my other arrangements, I didn’t add anything to the vase.

winter flower arrangements

Arrange Your Flowers

All of my flowers had places on the stems where you could bend them and break them. I determined how long I wanted the stem to be based on the container I was using and then I just bent the stem and broke it off at the appropriate spot. Some were harder to break than others, but no wire cutters were necessary. Then I simply put my flowers in the vase. Nothing too fancy here, I just filled my vases.

winter flower arrangements

Add An Accent To Your Flower Arrangements

For my big arrangement of hydrangeas, I added some red glitter stems for a Valentine’s feel and I can easily remove those when it’s over and add something a bit springier. In my silver vase, I used my brown faux feathers and in my brown vases, I used the snowy branches in between the flowers. Adding an accent or another element besides the flowers help give your arrangement interest, depth, and dimension.

winter flower arrangements

Place Your Flower Arrangements

Now, where are you going to put your flower arrangements? I placed my largest hydrangea arrangement in the large clear glass vase on my dining room table because the scale of the arrangement matched the scale of the room. I placed the silver vase hydrangea and faux feather arrangement on the living room table for height. The twin brown vases with hydrangeas went in my guest bath and the small rectangle vase with snowy magnolias foud it’s home in my bedroom on the tv cabinet because it had such a low profile.

valentine arrangement
winter flower arrangements
winter flower arrangements

This was so easy and I am loving having these winter flower arrangements around my house. The pops of white are prefect for my decor. I’m not sure how long I will leave them out, but it was definitely better than putting them in the attic. I hope this gives you some inspiration to make your own winter flower arrangements.

To see where I used these flowers in my Christmas decor, check out Christmas 2020 Home Tour VIDEO.

Watch the video here!

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winter flower arrangements

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