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Mantel Decor Hacks For Next Christmas

This past Christmas was the first time I had that really full mantel decor look. I’m going to show you how I achieved this look by taking it apart for you. Watch me take down my Christmas mantel decor and learn three easy hacks you can use next Christmas.

Hack #1: Giant Mantel Decor Bow

Can you tell that the giant bow in the middle of this mantel is actually two bows tied together plus some separate tails? I actually wired two bows together and inserted some separate tail pieces. After placing that large bow in the center of the mantel, I filled in around it with separate pieces of ribbon to act as tails.

I would not have been able to tie all of that ribbon in to one bow. If you have trouble making a really large bow, try making two smaller ones and combining them. It’s an easy trick you can use to get that really big bow look.

Mantel Decor Hacks

Hack #2: Easy Garland Trick

In the video you can see how I put this garland together. It is actually two separate pieces of teardrop garland. I wasn’t planning on using this type of garland, but I like the way it turned out. Since it is larger on one end, I was able to put the larger ends on the corners of the mantel and the skinny ends in the middle. This made fluffy full garland on the corners of the mantel and left room in the middle for the bow.

Mantel Decor Hacks

I actually did the reverse on the mantel in my family room. I placed the full ends in the middle and the skinny ends on the outside of the mantel. This left room on the ends for my large Christmas trees in urns and made the middle of the garland feel really full. Honestly, it worked brilliantly.

Mantel Decor Hacks

Hack #3: How To Protect Your Mantel From Your Mantel Decor

This is a super easy hack. Put a thin piece of fabric on your mantel before you put any mantel decor up. Garland and picks and ornaments can scratch up your mantel. So, protect it from scratches if you have a wooden mantel or a painted mantel.

I just have some really thin fabric that I lay down between my mantel and the decor. You can’t even see it because I use a sheer color that blends in with the color of the mantel. This is a super easy step that I try not to forget when I am going 100 miles per hour trying to get Christmas up.

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Mantel Decor Hacks

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