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Valentine’s Day Tree

Have you ever looked at your Christmas tree and thought, I really just don’t want to take this thing down? Why not keep it up and make it into a Valentine’s Day tree? I mean, you have lots of Christmassy things you can repurpose, right? Red, white, silver, and other neutrals can make gorgeous Valentine combinations.

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Be sure to check out my past Valentine’s Day trees at Valentine’s Decor Ideas and Another Valentine Tree Idea. Now, here are my tips on decorating your own Valentine’s Day tree.

Valentine's Day trees
Valentine's Day tree

Choose Your Tree

I have put up Valentine’s Day decor for two years in a row, now. Both years, I chose to use a smaller tree than I had for Christmas. If you have a tree that is a manageable size that you use for Christmas, this might not be necessary. Maybe you truly can leave up your Christmas tree and transition it into a Valentine tree. However, my Christmas tree is 10 feet and it is a giant ornament eater. I don’t have enough Valentine items for that big of a tree. So, last year I used two pedestal trees and a pencil tree. This year I ordered a new 6 foot flocked tree.

Valentine's Day tree

I wanted this tree to be a manageable size. I wanted to have fun decorating and not be overwhelmed. So, I opted to go with smaller trees; and, for me, that’s a lot more fun than decorating a giant ornament eater. Make your life as easy and fun as possible.

Create a Valentine’s Day Color Scheme

As you are taking down your Christmas decor, think about what you have that gives you the Valentine’s Day vibes. For me, it’s my red and white decor. This year I also used a little silver and I added in some new pink which really makes it feel different than Christmas and much more like Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Bow

Last year it was cold outside when I was putting this together and my trees had a little bit more of a wintery Valentine’s Day vibe. This year, I think by adding in the pink tea roses and using more floral pieces, it feels more like a springy Valentine’s Day tree.

Valentine's tea roses spray

Put Your Heart In It

Hearts will definitely put your tree in the Valentine’s Day category. You can find hearts at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or Wal-Mart or Target. They really aren’t heard to find at this point in the year. Grab some and add them to your decor. I have a set of silver heart ornaments that were used at my Christmas Day wedding. I used to put them out at Christmas, but now I save them for Valentine’s Day. Those are included in my tree this year and last year. I also have a few small red and pink hearts I have picked up at Hobby Lobby over the years.

Valentine's Day tree

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Valentine's Day tree

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