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Red Hearts for Valentine Tree 2023

For a few years now I’ve been putting up valentines trees when my Christmas trees come down. I just don’t want to rid my home of lights and color when Christmas is over so a Valentines tree lets me keep some decor around longer and that makes me happy. While I am taking down my Christmas decor, I begin to think about what I will use in my Valentines tree. I like to use as much decor that I already have as possible. This year I added some new ribbon and some large red hearts to my red Christmas decor.

red heart for Valentine tree

Red Plaid And Velvet Ribbon

Speaking of ribbon, I had this gorgeous red mulit-plaid ribbon in my Etsy shop at Christmas this year and I was already thinking it would make a great Valentine ribbon. So, I paired it with red velvet, also in my Etsy shop, and tied some easy four loop bows. These were the perfect addition to my Valentine tree.

red hearts

Red Hearts Say Valentine’s Day

Yes, use the Christmas ornaments you already have on your Valentine tree, but you are going to need to add something that clearly says Valentine’s Day. I found these large, beaded red hearts and added five of them to this 6 1/2′ tree to make it say Happy Valentine’s Day.

red hearts

Candy Apple Red Ornaments

I also used my favorite red balls ornaments, red berries and stems along with smaller gold balls for accent. All of these items I already had and use them for Christmas every year. So, no added expense there.

red heart for Valentine tree

Wire Heart Ornament Redo

Like I said, my philosophy on trees for other holidays is to use as much of what you already have as possible. I have had silver wire heart ornaments for fifteen years. On this tree I used gold as my accent color to compliment the gold in the plaid ribbon. I wanted to use my wire hear ornaments, but I wanted them to be gold instead of silver. What’s a girl to do? Well, a little Rub N’ Buff works wonders on metal. So, that’s what I did. I just painted on a little Rub N’ Buff and changed my silver wire heart ornaments to gold wire heart ornaments. Easy Peezy.

wire heart ornament redo
wire heart ornament redo

I love how this tree turned out. The year before I used red white, black and pink, so this year I wanted to do something different. I really wanted to feature my favorite red balls, and that pretty red plaid ribbon. Making the bows was the perfect way to display the ribbon. If you want to see my tree from last year, check out Valentine’s Day Tree.

red hearts for Valentine tree

This tree is a flocked 6 1/2 foot tree that I have been using for a little over a year now. It’s the perfect size for my entryway and for a seasonal tree. Seasonal trees should be fun and not overwhelming. That’s why I prefer this smaller tree for the seasonal holidays because it doesn’t require as much decor as my 10 foot or 9 foot tree.  Linking this tree here if you want to check her out.

red hearts for Valentine tree

If you can’t bear your home without a Christmas tree, then consider putting up a Valentine’s tree. You already have Valentine decor, you just have to put it together in a valentiney way. Adding red hearts definitely brings it into the Valentine’s category. 

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