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Transitioning Your Home From Spring To Summer

Wow, how is it May already? Actually, forget May. It goes by so fast. After sitting around for two years, this year seems to really be flying by. It’s already May which means the kids are about to be out of school and you’ve got to get the house ready for Summer. What do you do to prepare? Here’s my advice on transitioning your home from spring to summer.

Change Your Seasonal Decor

This is always a big thing for me. It always makes me feel invested in the next season. Of course, you may have noticed, that I like to do a seasonal Christmas tree. For the past two years this has been an ongoing project and my tree really sets the tone for any other seasonal decor I may use in the house. Once I get that changed out, I feel like I have accomplished something great.

This year I transitioned my Spring & Easter Tree to a Summer Lemon Tree. So, I used some lemons to add to my dining room decor and added some left over florals to the living room. For the most part, summer decor for me is pretty sparse. It’s about cleaning up and getting anything from spring down.

Transitioning your Home from spring to summer

Change Your Bedding

I’ve had this snuggly throw on our bed for some time. It’s perfect for dogs and cats that like to snuggle on the bed. It’s also a good weight for added warmth in the winter. It’s getting a little warmer; however, so I’ve switched it out for a lighter, but still snuggly blanket from the couch. I basically swapped them out putting the heavy one from the bed on to the couch and the lighter one on the bed. Everyone seems happy with this transition.

transitioning your home from spring to summer

We have linen sheets which are perfect for all seasons, but that might be something to switch out to help with transitioning your house from spring to summer. If you have warm sheets, it might be time to lighten up. I recommend my favorite linen sheets here.

Clean Off The Patio When Transitioning Your Home From
Spring To Summer

Every year I have to clean off the back patio. It gets covered in pollen in the spring and there is no point in trying to keep it clean. This year I had new outdoor furniture that came with covers (so nice), so I just covered up the furniture and let the pollen fall. I recently uncovered the furniture, but now I need to hose everything off. I like to hose off the deck and rug and then clean the windows. It’s an all day kind of project that I haven’t gotten to yet. I might get this done next weekend, fingers crossed.

I also have some DIYs I am dying to get to on the back patio. They are the perfect beginning of summer kind of project. Can’t wait to clean up this area and give you a look.

Get The Pool Ready

Luckily, the pool is not my job. This falls under the expertise of my husband and I couldn’t be happier about that. Man, the pollen was so bad this year! He couldn’t keep up! He’s got it looking much better now, but that was an ongoing process of vacuuming and chemicals.

transitioning your home from spring to summer

When we lived in Arkansas we would cover and winterize the pool. It was a huge process to get someone to come out and remove the cover and get the pool going. In Texas we don’t cover and winterize the pool, we just keep it going all year.

The pool is much better since we had it remodeled. You can check out that process in Swimming Pool Renovation Tips. Man, that was a project!

Clean Out Kid’s Closets When Transitioning Your Home From Spring To Summer

As soon as the kid’s are out of school, this is their top priority. We have got to take a minute and clean out all of the clothes that they have outgrown. They will also bring home a bunch of papers and folders from school and we will have to decide what’s a keeper and what’s trash. I have one child that throws away everything and another that won’t throw away anything. So, this is the perfect time to get them involved in the editing process.

transitioning your home from spring to summer
This is actually pretty organized! Check out Toy Storage Ideas.

So, that’s what I’ll be working on shortly. I’ve got my summer Christmas tree done, my bedding switched, and my pool is ready. Now, I’ve got to work on the patio and the kid’s closets. Wish me luck. Do you have anything you do when you are transitioning your home from spring to summer? If so, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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Transitioning Your Home from Spring To Summer

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