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The Best of: May Favorites

It’s been a few years since our May has been this busy. When the calendar was packed and things kept getting added, I tried not to be overwhelmed; but, I was glad to be back in a year where all the things were celebrated. We did all of the end of school year celebrations, the NJHS, all the band concerts, the awards, the tests, the conferences, the first school dance, the pool parties, a karate tournament, and two birthdays. Drew turned 14 and our first born dog, Sissy, turned 16. Of course, we saw Top Gun Maverick! We did it; though, we made it through May. Keep reading for my May favorites.

May favorites
Here’s all my pet resources from dog food to dog beds.
May favorites
We are in the Cinemark movie club and get free movie tickets.
Check out the Cinemark movie club here.

On the blog I shared Cheap And Easy Large DIY Wall Art Ideas, my summer tree in all of its stages in Summer Christmas Tree Inspiration: Lemons and Lemon Decor Summer Christmas Tree. I also talked about my plans to get ready for the summer in Transitioning Your Home From Spring To Summer. And, if you follow me on Instagram, then, you saw all my tree decorating tips and tricks in Reels. I hope you saved some for Christmas.

May favorites
Lemon Decor Summer Christmas Tree

Now it’s June and it’s shaping up to be a busy month as well. I hope you stay tuned for some fun DIYs, perfect summertime recipes, and some travel planning. Soon we are heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma soon for a karate tournament and we are planning a couple of trips in July. Also, my daughter will be taking diving lessons for the first time this summer. We’ve got a lot to get done!

Here are some of my May favorites.

Shop May Favorites Here

May favorites

1.Buttercream Hydrangea Stem by Ashland®

2. Artificial Lemon Bushes by Ashland®

3. Oversized Tunic Half-Zip Vest

4. Level 1 Back Stapled Canvas by Artist’s Loft®

5. 48 Piece Acrylic Paint Tube Set by Artist’s Loft™

6. Forsythia Branch Floral Essentials by Ashland®

7. Green Eucalyptus Pick by Ashland®

8. Black and Yellow Lemon 18″ x 18″ Throw Pillow

9. 15ft. Grapevine Garland by Ashland®

10. Large Foam Lemon by Ashland®

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